Jocelyn: The Idol character explained

The Idol introduces Jocelyn, a pop singer who is now working on her new album after her last tour got canceled. Lily-Rose Depp plays the role of Jocelyn.

Jocelyn’s character is that of a pop star who is struggling with mental health issues. She recently lost her mother, and her last tour had to be canceled because she had a nervous breakdown. Jocelyn does not seem happy with her life, but something changes when she meets the mysterious Tedros.

The suffocating life of a star

Jocelyn is constantly surrounded by people as she prepares for her next album. Her team keeps an eye on her at all times to catch any signs of an impending nervous breakdown that might affect her work. 

Even when she is rehearsing at her own house, she has to put on a show to prove to people that she is fine. She has to wipe her tears and dance like she is not being scrutinized. 

Furthermore, her team does whatever she wants, but Jocelyn knows that most people around her will just lie to her to keep her happy instead of telling her the truth. 

She is not wrong because when a personal photograph of Jocelyn gets leaked online, her team decides not to tell her about it. They even hide her phone to prevent her from finding out. When they figure out a suitable response, only then do they tell her about the photograph and agree with whatever she says.

That night, Jocelyn goes to a club with her friends. The club’s owner, Tedros, recognizes her and dances with her. He compliments her and makes her feel good about herself. They would have slept together if Jocelyn’s assistant had not come looking for her.

Jocelyn admits to him that she hates her new song because she thinks it is superficial, but Tedros convinces her that pop music can be powerful and that she has the best job in the world. The two of them confess to liking each other, even though they have just met.

The Idol Jocelyn
Jocelyn plays her song for Tedros

Jocelyn does not trust anyone who tells her that her song is great, so she invites Tedros to her house to listen to it because she believes that he might tell her the truth.

Tedros likes the song but not the way that she sings it, so he decides to use his unconventional methods to help her find her voice. Tedros is the newest addition to Jocelyn’s life, but whether he will make her life better or worse, only time will tell.

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