Ji Gong: American Born Chinese character explained

Ji Gong, also known as the Mad Monk, is a great scholar from heaven who fell on hard times and spends his days on Earth. The character is played by Ronny Chieng.

After Sun Wukong realizes that his son is determined to follow his dream and find the fourth scroll, he points him in the direction of Ji Gong for help, claiming that he is a knowledgeable scholar.

When Jin and Wei-Chen track down his location, what they find is a drunkard who can barely stand up. While Jin goes off to meet Amelia, Wei-Chen insists on finding Ji Gong and finds a basement with “mad monk” written in graffiti and a complete mess.

He tries to talk to Ji Gong but the monk fights with him instead. He succeeds in fighting back capably Ji Gong agrees to listen to what he has to say.

Overdue revenge

Ji Gong shows Wei-Chen the prophecy that he painted about the fourth scroll and as Wei-Chen is leaving, Ji Gong asks him who his father is the boy replies that he’s the son of the Monkey King.

Wei-Chen goes back to Jin’s house to get the pendant but Ji Gong shows up as well and invites them all to the restaurant where he works to get them drunk and distracted.

When Wei-Chen notices that the pendant is missing from Christine’s neck, he immediately seeks out Ji Gong and finds him trying to get away with it.

They fight once again and Wei-Chen manages to get the pendant back as Niu Mowang approaches Ji Gong with a proposal. Ji Gong had told Wei-Chen that he was supposed to be the Great Sage but Sun Wukong stole that opportunity from him.

Ji Gong: American Born Chinese character explained 1
Ji Gong lost his job to Sun Wukong

When he was trying to attend the party for the gods, Wukong used his magic to get Ji Gong drunk and he never made it past the guards. In the present, he chooses to work with Niu Mowang but when the Bull Demon takes things too far, Ji Gong has a change of heart.

He helps Wei-Chen escape as Niu Mowang is fighting Sun Wokang by giving him his beads. He himself runs away as Wei-Chen uses the beads to fight the Bull Demon later on.

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