Ji-eum’s 18th life in See You in My 19th Life explained

Ji-eum’s 18th life was different from all her other past lives, so when it gets cut short, she decides to complete the love story that was once left incomplete in her 19th life. 

Ji-eum has lived many lives, and she remembers all of them. At the end of each life, she would pray for it to be her last life or to not remember anything in her next life. However, she prayed for something completely different when her 18th life was coming to an end. 

Furthermore, when she remembers all her past lives in her 19th life, her first thought is about the boy she met in her last life. She then dedicates her whole life to reuniting with him. 

A life like no other

In her 18th life, Ji-eum was Ju-won. Just as it always happens, she regains the memories of her past lives at a very young age and starts acting like an adult in a day. 

At the age of 12, she meets a younger boy named Seo-ha, who is arrogant and rude. That changes when Ju-won threatens to make him disappear. She also tells him that this is not her first life, and his reaction amuses her greatly.

He piques Ju-won’s interest, and she is able to enjoy life once again. With Seo-ha, Ju-won feels like a 12-year-old and not someone who is tired of repeating life after life. She forgets all the pain and the memories of her past lives when she is with him.

Seo-ha also enjoys spending time with Ju-won, so his mother invites her to their house frequently. The two of them then become friends, and their friendship soon turns into love. Ju-won is there for Seo-ha when his mother dies. She comforts him and makes him happy. 

When Seo-ha asks Ju-won if she likes him, she promises to answer his question on his birthday. Seo-ha also asks her to marry him, even though he does not know what marriage really means.

On Seo-ha’s birthday, Ju-won gifts him a box that is locked. She hides the key and gives him hints that will help him find it. Just then, the two children get into a car accident. 

See You in My 19th Life Ji-eum’s 18th life
Ju-won gives Seo-ha his birthday present before she dies

Ju-won never gets the chance to answer Seo-ha’s question, as she does not survive the accident. Before dying, an injured Ju-won prays for something.

Seo-ha fails to hear her prayer, as he loses his hearing in the accident. He is then forced to watch the girl he loves die in front of his eyes.

Ju-won is reborn once again; this time as Ji-eum. In her 19th life, as soon as she gets back the memories of her past lives, she goes to find Seo-ha, who is much older now. 

She decides to keep the promise that she made to him in her last life and stay by his side, but for that, she must get close to him and win his heart one more time.

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