Why does Jeong-Suk reject Roy Kim in Doctor Cha?

The Doctor Cha finale rubs some fans the wrong way with how it sums up its central love triangle and the romantic equation between Jeong-Suk and Roy Kim.

Roy Kim and Jeong-Suk stumble upon each other for the first time when a medical emergency presents itself, involving a commuter.

Following that, they stumble upon each other many times, most of which happen to be coincidental as Jeong-Suk’s medical case is assigned to none other than Kim. The surgeon eventually takes a liking to her which develops into love.

Roy Kim’s proposal

Roy Kim fell for Jeong-Suk pretty quickly, and while he gradually proceeded with his friendship with her, he never confessed his love for her, to her.

Jeong-Suk’s best friend Mi-Hee once asks him about it directly, trying to see if he really loves her. It’s obvious that he does, but since he doesn’t wish to burden her with another thing amidst her ongoing personal battles, he chooses to not say anything about it.

However, when Jeong-Suk receives another liver transplant, through a surgery that Kim performs himself, and completely recovers from it, Kim finally confesses and proposes to her.

Jeong-Suk declines

Kim reveals he likes her and asks her to be with him but Doctor Cha declines. This comes as a bit of a heartbreak to Kim, who isn’t shown to say anything besides sulking in silence after she leaves.

Jeong-Suk thanks him a lot for all he’s done for her, but she can’t stay with him.

Jeong -Suk Roy Kim Doctor Cha finale
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She says she only wishes to live life one day at a time, a regular life where she doesn’t cling to the ray of sunshine that Roy’s words of love are to her.

She politely makes it clear that she wishes to remain single and enjoy her days in a much more grounded manner after all the hullabaloo that her life has experienced in recent months.

The love lives ahead

After Kim’s confession, and Doctor Cha’s rejection, the show jumps three years ahead and every main character’s new chapter of life is shown.

Jeong-Suk now runs a clinic that’s unique in its profferings while also learning how to ride a bike. She is single and in no romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Roy Kim does have an active romantic life.

He has a girlfriend and he’s quite happy with her. Doctor Cha knows about his partner too, as she still visits him every now and then for checkups, during which they talk and he shares plenty about him, including his new partner.

It seems that even if they didn’t move into any sort of romantic relationship, Jeong-Suk and Roy Kim are on the very best of terms and solid friends.

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