Why does Jeong-Suk ask for divorce in Doctor Cha?

Doctor Cha Jeong-Suk mulls over the decision to divorce her husband for a while before finally announcing it to him in the latest episode, where she explains the last trigger that made her want to split up.

Jeong-Suk has been cheated on by her husband for years, but she finally learns of his affair with fellow doctor Choi Seung-Hi, who he also has a teenage daughter with.

As heartbreaking as this fact is for her, Jeong-Suk can’t bring herself to divorce him right off the bat, owing to some major reasons. However, in the latest episode, she witnesses something that enables her to make a definitive decision regarding her marriage.

Seung-Hi wants it

Ever since Cha Jeong-Suk found out about In-Ho and Seung-Hi’s affair, and confronted the two about it, her Family Medicine superior adopted a retaliatory avatar, deciding to dish it out on Jeong-Suk how much she has suffered and how she shouldn’t have to be the one to bear the repercussions alone.

She wants her daughter Eun-Seo to live happily and be able to opt for a better college which she’s currently unable to do, thanks to her fight with I-Rang and the constant pain that comes with her family situation.

Seung-Hi also asks Jeong-Suk, more than once, to quit the hospital and also divorce In-Ho, who she refuses to let say the words “break up.” She has made it clear that she won’t budge and wants a better family life for herself and her daughter.

In-Ho doesn’t want it

Seo In-Ho is coward supreme and doesn’t want to divorce Jeong-Suk yet. So much so that he’s ready to break up with Seung-Hi.

As for why he doesn’t want a divorce, his reasons are that he has been relying on Jeong-Suk a lot, from the kids to the family. He says he wants to ask for her forgiveness for the rest of his life.

Jeong-Suk and In-Ho Doctor Cha episode 12
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Meanwhile, he also promises to do his best at being a father to Eun-Seo, but also stay with his family, where he claims he belongs, earning both Seung-Hi and Jeong-Suk’s exasperation.

Jeong-Suk demands it

Cha Jeong-Suk has been conflicted regarding the divorce question and has been given advice by her best friend Mi-Hee too. It weighs on her because the decision affects not just her and In-Ho but others too.

However, the facts and evidence of In-Ho’s cowardly and cruel cheating keep presenting themselves and stabbing Jeong-Suk in the heart. One such sign shows up when she’s returning from the late patient Yoo Ji-Seon’s funeral.

She sees In-Ho’s car parked outside, over the disability parking spot, with the disability pass adhered to the car’s windshield. This is the same disability proof he was asking his wife to sign up for after she suffered a liver failure. She had refused to use one but In-Ho won’t stop about its uses and advantages.

And here is now, using his suffering to take advantage while also depriving actual disabled people. Jeong-Suk laughs with disbelief at just how pathetic this sight is. She tells In-Ho how pathetic she feels herself, for putting himself on a pedestal, while he was using his disability/suffering to take Seung-Hi out on dates.

This is her last straw and something that makes her resolute in the decision she wants to make regarding the divorce — which is that she wants it. She tells it all to In-Ho, before his nosebleed and eventually falls on the floor. While he might not be courageous enough to accept divorce yet, Jeong-Suk definitely is.

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