Jang Nan-gam: A Killer Paradox character explained

Jang Nan-gam is a competent detective who has to catch not one but two serial killers. In A Killer Paradox, Son Suk-ku plays Jang Nan-gam.

When Nan-gam was young, his father took every opportunity to bully him. He was never affectionate; instead, he would always take out his frustration on his son.

One day, Nan-gam stopped giving him the reaction he sought, and he stopped bullying Nan-gam. He lost the power he had over Nan-gam. 

Nan-gam learned his lesson that day and went on to become a police detective, as he did not want anyone to look down on him. 

Chasing Tang and Song Chon

When Nan-gam investigates the cases of Lee Tang’s victims, he starts suspecting Tang, even though there is no evidence against him.

Nan-gam is good at his job. He is able to notice details and make connections that others miss, which is how the police uncover Yeo Bu-il’s identity.

Nan-gam’s instincts also lead him to Roh Bin. His suspicions about Roh Bin’s involvement with Tang are later confirmed.

A Killer Paradox Nan-gam
Nan-gam figures out that Roh Bin is working with Tang

However, Roh Bin manages to provoke him into being aggressive with him on live stream, which results in Nan-gam getting suspended.

Despite his suspension, Nan-gam continues chasing Tang, and that is when he finds out that Song Chon, a serial killer he failed to catch in the past, has returned. 

Nan-gam’s father was also a police detective. Years ago, he was injured by a junior detective, who turned out to be none other than Song Chon, which left him brain-dead on life support.

Nan-gam also found out that his mother was having an affair with Song Chon. When Nan-gam became a detective, he was approached by Song Chon’s partner, Roh Bin.

Roh Bin believed that Nan-gam was the only detective capable of apprehending Song Chon, who had turned into a serial killer. 

However, as he didn’t share all the information he possessed with Nan-gam, Song Chon managed to escape. 

Nan-gam has not moved on from his failure to capture Song Chon. He still hopes to bring him, as well as Tang, to justice one day.

Emotional closure

Nan-gam’s junior is injured while trying to catch Song Chon, which leaves Nan-gam distressed. As Nan-gam knows the most about Song Chon, he is reinstated to pursue him.

Roh Bin approaches Nan-gam once again, offering information on Song Chon. However, Nan-gam does not trust Roh Bin and refuses to let him use him once again.

Later, when Song Chon kills his father, Nan-gam decides to go after Song Chon. To find him, he has no choice but to agree to Roh Bin’s terms.

Nan-gam finally succeeds in killing Song Chon, but not before Song Chon reveals to him that his father was a corrupt cop and that his mother was having an affair with his father’s best friend, not with Song Chon. 

As per his deal with Roh Bin, Nan-gam lets Tang choose between turning himself in or running away, but not without warning him that he will eventually get caught.

A Killer Paradox Nan-gam
Nan-gam allows Tang to choose for himself

Although Nan-gam avenges his father, he has to face the consequences of taking the law into his own hands. He gets suspended once again.

Meanwhile, Nan-gam’s junior recovers. Additionally, with his father’s passing, Nan-gam is relieved of the weight of making the decision to remove him from life support.

While Nan-gam no longer carries emotional burdens, the chapter with Tang is far from over. Tang has returned home, and the killings of criminals resume once again.

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