Jane: Seasons character explained

In Seasons, Jane is a head baker at a restaurant, and, as predicted by Charlie, she turns out to be a perfect match for Kurt. Sarah Edwards plays Jane.

Charlie comes across Jane in a restaurant, where she meets all of Kurt’s potential future girlfriends. However, she fails to find the perfect girl until she eats the restaurant’s carrot cake, which is Kurt’s favorite dish.

The cake is so good that it helps Charlie realize that whoever has baked this cake is Kurt’s match, and she wishes this person to be a girl. A worker at the restaurant tells her that the cake is baked by their head chef, Jane Monte Mayor.

Charlie promised to find Kurt’s better half on a dating app, but she wasn’t ready to let go of someone like Jane that easily. Charlie gets the full name of Jane and stalks her on social media to learn more about her.

Charlie sets Jane and Kurt up

Charlie eventually finds Jane on the dating app; it’s just that Kurt and Jane hadn’t matched. Charlie made it work. She lies to Kurt that Jane has already agreed to meet him. 

Initially, Kurt is hesitant about meeting Jane. Kurt brings up several questions, but the way Charlie talks about Jane’s perfect carrot cake makes him give this date a chance. Since Charlie has now lied to Kurt, she needed to convince Jane to go on a date with Kurt.

Charlie strikes a deal with Jane too. If she buys all of Jane’s carrot cakes, Jane will have a cup of coffee with Kurt for 10 minutes. The convincing works, as Jane agrees.

Kurt and Jane’s relationship

As expected by Charlie, Kurt and Jane’s relationship goes really well. Even Kurt starts putting a lot of effort into making it work, although he was not into finding someone who will stay with him for long at first.

As time goes by, Kurt and Jane come closer, while Charlie starts missing her best friend, who won’t reply to her texts or call every day like before.

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Kurt and Jane figure out that Charlie is singing for Kurt

The time Kurt used to spend with Charlie, he now spends with Jane. However, Kurt takes a while to make his and Jane’s relationship official.

Jane is certainly affected by Charlie’s presence at times. Much like everyone else, Jane notices the look on Kurt’s face when Charlie sings a song at Kurt’s bar that is clearly about Kurt. Things get messy when Kurt and Jane find Charlie, who is now in love with Kurt and had planned on surprising her best friend, hiding in Kurt’s bedroom.

Kurt intends to marry Jane, and he had even bought a ring for her. A heartbroken Charlie lies to him about being pregnant and these lies keep him at bay. Jane still continues to support Kurt while he is out there with Charlie, looking for her baby’s father, who actually doesn’t exist.

Do Kurt and Jane end up together?

When Charlie asks Kurt about Jane, he says he is sure that he is in love with her; she is his unexpected journey. This relationship of theirs breaks Charlie’s heart; she wants Kurt to realize that she is his lifetime.

Once Kurt finds out that Charlie has been lying all this time, he leaves her alone. Kurt cuts contact with Charlie, and three years later, he returns to inform her that he is getting married—not to Jane, but to a woman named Bianca.

Kurt never reveals why he and Jane fell apart. However, he lets Charlie know that Bianca found him when he was a mess.

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