Jane Saunders: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F character explained

In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, Axel returns to Beverly Hills for his daughter, Jane Saunders, played by Taylour Paige.

Years ago, Axel sent his wife and daughter, Jane, to Beverly Hills to keep them safe from the mafia threatening his family. 

Axel’s wife later divorced him, and instead of moving closer to Jane in Beverly Hills, Axel chose to stay in Detroit.

Jane struggled with her parents’ separation and pushed her father away whenever he tried to contact her. Eventually, Axel stopped trying altogether.

Due to that, over the years, Jane and Axel drifted apart. Jane now blames her father for the loss of their relationship.

A threat reunites Jane with her father

When Axel’s old friend Billy, who looks after Jane on Axel’s behalf, tells her about Sam Enriquez’s case, Jane, a lawyer, decides to represent him. 

Sam is accused of killing an undercover police officer, Copeland, but Jane believes he is innocent and that Copeland was corrupt.

Jane is not wrong. Grant, a corrupt police officer who is behind Copeland’s murder, sends his goons to threaten her, fearing that she might discover the truth about the murder.

Despite the danger, Jane refuses to drop the case. Billy then informs Axel about the threat, prompting Axel to come to town to protect her.

However, Jane wants nothing to do with her father and even refuses to bail him out after he gets arrested. She agrees to meet him only when he reveals that Billy, who is now missing, contacted him.

For Billy’s sake and her case, Jane reluctantly agrees to work with Axel on the investigation, but only on the condition that Axel does not talk to her about anything personal.

Beverly Hills Cop Axel F Jane Saunders
Jane works with her father

A second chance

While investigating together, Jane and Axel begin to reconnect. However, unresolved issues surface, with neither willing to take responsibility for their past mistakes.

Jane confronts Axel, emphasizing that as a parent, he should have kept trying to stay in her life instead of giving up. 

Jane wants her father to leave town and refuses to give him a second chance because she believes he only cares about his job.

Jane was so deeply affected by her father giving up on her that she decided never to date a police officer, which led to her breakup with Bobby. 

However, Jane and Bobby grow close again when Bobby joins Axel and Jane in solving the case. Additionally, Jane gradually starts to understand her father’s perspective. 

She realizes that he cares about her more than anyone when he risks his life to save hers. With his help, she is able to prove her client’s innocence.

When Axel apologizes to Jane, they reconcile. Jane is now open to giving her father a second chance and taking equal responsibility to mend their relationship.

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