Jamila’s dreams in Invasion season 2 explained

In the second season of Invasion, Jamila goes looking for Caspar, as her dreams indicate that Caspar is still alive.

At the end of the first season of Invasion, Jamila was told that Caspar had died after trying to stop the aliens. Caspar’s brain had shut down after that, but his consciousness was not wiped out. 

In season 2, it becomes hard for Jamila to accept the fact that Caspar is gone forever, as she keeps dreaming of Caspar, and her dreams tell her that he is somewhere out there. Jamila sees strange things in her dreams that she should not be seeing without witnessing them in her real life first.

Caspar’s cry for help

Jamila’s dreams feel too real for her to consider them just dreams. She not only feels Caspar’s presence in her dreams but also hears his voice. Caspar keeps telling her that he is there, but Jamila cannot see him.

It is not just Caspar’s voice that she hears in her dreams; Jamila also sees the Moon that has turned blood red. Jamila believes that Caspar is trying to send her a message through her dreams, as he can do things that others cannot.

Invasion 2 Jamila's dreams
The blood-red moon in Jamila’s dream

Jamila’s mother thinks that Jamila is holding on to someone who is gone, but Jamila is proven right when she encounters a man stealing food. The man is from London, a city that has been turned into a danger zone, and he tells her about the Moon turning red.

The soldiers were burning alien spores in London, and when the wind came, it turned the air toxic. The Moon was red all night as if it had been set on fire. Although Jamila was not there, she had already seen that happen in her dreams.

This confirms her theory that her dreams are not just dreams and that Caspar is trying to tell her something. She starts thinking that Caspar might be alive and that he might save their planet from the aliens, so she goes to find his body.

When she reaches London, she sees the Moon that is still slightly red. Furthermore, she goes to the hospital where Caspar’s body should be, but the body is not there. She then finds out that Caspar’s body was transferred to a hospital in Paris.

Jamila now knows that Caspar wants her to find him because whenever he calls out to her in her dreams, he sounds like he is in trouble. She has never been so sure of anything in her life as she is of the fact that Caspar is still alive, so she decides to go to Paris to find and rescue him. 

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