James Tazaki: GAMERA -Rebirth- character explained

In GAMERA -Rebirth-, James Tazaki works for the Eustace Foundation. He decides to quit his job when he realizes that the Foundation has been hiding things from him. Tazaki is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

James Tazaki is the Eustace Foundation’s agent. He is an expert negotiator and coordinates with the US military on behalf of the foundation when the kaiju threat looms over the world.

Although Emiko and Tazaki have been working closely to prevent the kaiju from killing people, the board members do not tell Tazaki anything about their plans or the truth about the discovery of the kaiju.

An agent of the Foundation

Tazaki believes that the Foundation came across the kaiju ten years ago and that it has been researching them and trying to come up with a defense strategy against them since then. He has also been told that their top priority is to protect the people from the kaiju.

When Gyaos wreaks havoc, Tazaki and Emiko meet Boco and his friends, who were targeted by Gyaos. They tell the children about the kaiju’s discovery and go to rescue them when they encounter Jiger.

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Tazaki is very good at his job, so he manages to convince the children’s parents to send them to the Yonaguni Island Mining Base for two weeks. Tazaki knows exactly what he has to say to each one of them to convince them.

However, on their way to the island, their ship is attacked by a kaiju, and Tazaki fails to remain calm. As he gets scared and frustrated, he does not act like a leader, and Emiko has to manage the situation. 

Tazaki starts growing suspicious about the Foundation’s part in this. Furthermore, he joined the Foundation because he wanted to go to the Moon and start his business. Tazaki’s father’s business failed when Tazaki was young. His father died penniless, and Tazaki had to work hard to get a scholarship and graduate from college.

All that hard work would be for nothing if he keeps working for the Foundation and loses his life. While he has been risking his life for the Foundation, they have been keeping things from him. This leads to Tazaki quitting his job, even if that means abandoning the children. 

GAMERA -Rebirth- Tazaki
Tazaki decides to quit his job

Making the right choices

When Tazaki is leaving, the island is attacked by another kaiju. Emiko makes Tazaki command the troops, as no one else can do that. He also oversees the evacuation and acts like a leader.

Tazaki has started liking Emiko, and he risks his life to save her when she goes to look for the children. He admits to her that he is tired of running away from things and that he is not going to do that anymore.

Tazaki then finds out that Emiko is not the person he believed her to be. She plans to leave the planet and feed the children to the kaiju to make it eat everyone on Earth. If Tazaki does not do whatever Emiko says, he will also be killed.

Emiko uses Tazaki’s skills to accomplish her goals. What she does not know is that Tazaki is betraying her. He makes everyone, including the children, believe that he is working with Emiko, who has promised him profits and a passage to the Moon.

When Viras is revived, Tazaki helps the children escape. He then uses the space shuttle to leave the planet with Boco and his friends. The children also return the favor and do not leave him behind when they have to leave the shuttle in a pod.

GAMERA -Rebirth- Tazaki
Tazaki betrays Emiko and helps the children leave the planet

Once they are safe, Tazaki does not want to be involved in this situation anymore. However, the children tell him that if he does not help Gamera, the Foundation will come after him sooner or later. 

Tazaki then contacts the Japanese Government and convinces them to save Gamera. On top of that, when Boco puts himself in danger, Tazaki follows him with his friends. The whole incident changes Tazaki, who goes from not liking children to protecting Boco and his friends. 

He later tells Boco and his friends that he does not want anything to do with the Foundation. Tazaki then gets the idea to create a new device that will change the way people interact with each other. This device turns out to be a mobile phone, and it makes Tazaki successful.

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