Jaguar (2021) summary and ending explained

The Spanish language action-drama ‘Jaguar’ is now streaming on Netflix. The web series was created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira.


In 1960s Spain, an unassuming woman named Isabel Garrido (Blanca Suárez) works the night shift at a restaurant named ‘Haus’, which is frequented by Germans. She’s being followed by a group of mysterious men, who have been keeping track of her movements for quite a while now.

Isabel is actually a survivor from the Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen where her father and brother were killed. She’s now on a mission to kill the man responsible, Otto Bachmann (Stefan Weinert) and his comrades who are planning on visiting the ‘Haus’ in the near future. Her plan is foiled by the mysterious men, however, and she is captured and taken back to their apartment.

The four men are Lucena (Iván Marcos), Marsé (Francesc Garrido), Sordo ‘Deaf Man’ (Adrián Lastra) and Castro (Óscar Casas). While Lucena, Marsé and Sordo are also survivors of concentration camps themselves, Castro is the son of a prisoner who did time with Sordo

The four of them have been monitoring Bachmann themselves since he’s the facilitator responsible for helping the remaining Nazis and sympathizers going into hiding. They believe that he could lead them to a bigger fish for them to capture and place before a judge for their crimes.

They convince Isabel to join their cause as their latest information points to the arrival of Aribert Heim (Jochen Horst), a Nazi doctor who performed heinous experiments on the prisoners at Mathausen. Lucena and Isabel go undercover at a costume party to infiltrate Bachmann’s inner circle by getting close to his wife Ilse Bachmann (Julia Möller). Their plan goes on without a hitch and they are invited for dinner with the Bachmann’s at ‘Haus’ the next day.

After dinner, Otto takes Lucena out to a secluded stable to ascertain whether he can truly trust him and use his help under his current guise as an import and export dealer. Lucena gets out of the situation unharmed and with an invitation to the Gran Club, a high society club for army members who fought along with the Nazis.

At the club, Isabel sneaks off behind Otto while he’s attending an important phone call and confirms that a high priority package is arriving soon, most probably Dr. Heim. In the dead of the night, Otto and his wife leave their house and manage to lose Marsé, who was following them. They decide that the only way to find out where he went is by questioning his assistant.

They capture the assistant who tells them that a paper containing vital information given to him is in a locker back at the Gran club. Lucena and Isabel head there while Marsé, Castro and ‘Deaf Man’ take the assistant to the forest to eliminate him.

At the Gran club after finding the piece of paper which has an address of sorts written on it, they are discovered and have to shoot their way out to escape. Meanwhile, out in the forest, Otto’s assistant confesses that the couple is in the coastal town of Almeria and begs for his life but Marsé kills him anyway. This information is partly confirmed by Lucena’s secretive contact Ramos (Maria de Medeiros), who tells him that there are reports of a suspicious German-speaking monk located at Almeria.

Once the group reach Almeria, they have trouble locating the Germans before Isabel remembers that Ilse enjoys swimming at sea, a tip that helps them locate where they’re staying. They set up camp at an apartment overlooking the house and begin surveillance to confirm the arrival of Dr. Heim.

He eventually arrives and despite having clear look at him, Isabel is convinced that it is him at the complex. The gang also discover the address from the note actually belongs to a small fishing boat at a private port which is how they plan on transporting Dr. Heim out of the country.

One particular night, they see Dr. Heim leave the house and they take chase leading up to a shootout between them and the occupants of the car. However, it turns out to be a decoy with the real Otto and Dr. Heim already on their way to the boat.

The group head out to the boat they had acquired earlier where Castro is waiting for them. They head out to sea and get into a shoot out with the occupants of the fishing boat. With their engine shot, Marsé decides to ram the fishing boat as a final resort.

Otto and Dr. Heim have washed up ashore but the doctor is badly hurt and needs to be taken to the hospital. Otto gets him there where he’s immediately taken into surgery. The group also survive the boat crash but lose track of Otto. They call around and ultimately find out that the doctor has been taken to the hospital as a result of a “sailing accident”.

They head to the hospital to kidnap Dr. Heim but it turns out to be a trap with Otto enlisting the help of Spanish soldiers to corner them inside the hospital and protect the Doctor. The group come up with a plan involving multiple diversions, explosions and a getaway vehicle in order to successfully escape with Dr. Heim as their captive but after so many twists and turns, only Isabel manages to get away in an ambulance with their captive.

What happens to Lucena, Castro, Marsé and ‘Deaf Man’? Does Otto manage to capture them? Where does Isabel head to with Dr. Heim?

Jaguar ending explained in detail (Episode 6 – The Mill):

The anxious wait

Isabel takes Dr. Heim up to the windmill outside the bounds of the Almeria where they had initially set up camp. She ties him up and cautiously keeps a watch for anyone approaching their location. Dr. Heim pleads his innocence but Isabel shaves a piece of his beard to reveal his distinctive scar.

She lets him know that she was a child who worked as a maid at the camp, and often served the doctor his food when he was not busy torturing the prisoners. He drops the façade and admits to being the very same Dr. Heim, the one who skinned men alive in the name of science.

During a flashback, Isabel speaks to Castro about his father. They bond over their love for their fathers and how both Isabel and Castro both lost their fathers at a very young age.

A victim of war

After divulging more about her family, Dr. Heim remembers Isabel’s brother. He claims that he was one of the most persistent test subjects he experimented on. He refused to die for days after going through many torturous experiences.

Dr. Heim claims that he simply did what he did to make significant gains in the fields of science and medicine. His experiments are the reason so many more are alive today, and those that lost their lives through those experiments were simply a cost of the war.

In another flashback, Isabel and the group are getting ready to head to the costume party when she confesses to Marsé that she’s never danced before. The two share a light-hearted moment with Marsé explaining how dance is simply an expression of one’s feelings and being in the moment.

Revenge on her mind

Dr. Heim passes out after losing a lot of blood during the surgery. Isabel uses the first aid kit from the ambulance to carry out an impromptu blood transfusion to try and keep the doctor alive. He wakes up and comments on how they both have the same blood now.

Isabel says that it doesn’t really make a difference, all that matters is that Dr. Heim lives long enough to face punishment for his crimes. She hears a car approaching and heads to the entrance of the mill, armed and ready. It turns out to be Marsé, Castro and ‘Deaf Man’, but no sign of Lucena.

A flashback of Lucena and Isabel on a beach involves Lucena relaying the story of an Aztec tribe of warriors called the Jaguars, who fought for the people through anonymity and how the term suited them very well.

A scene at an undisclosed location shows Lucena chained to the ceiling, and Otto torturing him till he passes out.

Isabel decides to finally take revenge on Otto for all the trauma he’s caused her and the countless others. She’s seen making a call to a colonel in order to get in touch with Otto himself, and when asked who it was on the other side, she simply calls herself ‘The Jaguar’.

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