Jae-Woo & Yeong-Ju’s relationship in Crash Course in Romance explained

Jae-Woo and Yeong-Ju turn out to be one of the more overlooked couples at the end of Crash Course in Romance. Here’s how the two sneakily formed an adorable and successful couple by the end.

Crash Course in Romance follows a central romance plot and a couple of others in its periphery. However, where the leads shine throughout their romantic escapades and quirky shenanigans, and the characters in immediate proximity get to vie and wallow in love triangles, there’s one underrated romance that goes unnoticed by many until the very end of the show.

There are a couple of reasons why that is the case, the biggest among them being the time that it takes for their subplot to finally begin.

A clueless guy

Jae-Woo is the neurodivergent brother of Nam Haeng-Seon, who’s got a big heart and a bigger want to keep talking and get the answers he needs from others. His being on the spectrum also brings a lot of challenges for him, both medically and socially.

However, in a world so afraid of anyone/anything that deviates from the “normal”, he’s got some of the most loving and supportive family members and friends that he doesn’t need to give in to the dreadful and regressive normalcy of the society.

When Yeong-Ju first takes notice of the dashing bachelor that Jae-Woo has been around her all this time, she makes her move and tries to court him. However, Jae-Woo has also been clueless all this time, and he continues to do so, both to Yeong-Ju’s capability as a potential partner, as well as his own feelings for him.

The awkward & unlucky Yeong-Ju

Yeong-Ju has been a really solid friend to Haeng-Seon since her school days. By the time Hae-e has reached her high school, she has essentially become a family member. Additionally, she’s also a very reliable shoulder to lean on in tough times, and just as reliable a hand in the work that goes into running the Banchan shop.

Kind-hearted as though she might be, she isn’t exactly lucky when it comes to dating or relationships, even though she constantly gives Haeng-Seon an earful about it whenever she can. When Haeng-Seon ends up getting into a romantic relationship, it’s Yeong-Ju’s turn, but her unfortunate streak remains consistent.

However, the turn of events that hit her when she tries to contend with her luck in her relationship is truly dreadful. One day when she’s having a problem reaching the top shelf, Jae-Woo appears and without hesitation, towers over her and grabs the desired item from the shelf, and gives it to her.

Yeong-Ju Crash Course in Romance
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It’s then that it hits Yeong-Ju, and she realizes that a perfect bachelor has been right under her nose all this time, and she finds Jae-Woo appealing in a manner she never considered before.

She takes him on a dinner date but Jae-Woo finds the abrupt proposition to be a whiplash of sorts, and he ends up blurting out words he doesn’t put much thought behind, telling her that she’s never quite seen her that way, along with some pointed words that he doesn’t mean to not Yeong-Ju the way they do.

Crash Course in Romance

Yeong-Ju is hurt after Jae-Woo responds in an understandable, albeit improper manner to her abrupt and sudden dating request. Yeong-Ju is beyond flushed and embarrassed, and while the alcohol helps her cope with the cringe, Jae-Woo feels immense guilt for saying what he didn’t mean to, and inadvertently hurting Yeong-Ju because of it.

He wishes to be more articulate and clear the air. However, Yeong-Ju is trying her best to forget that night. It’s understandable why Jae-Woo’s response is what it is since there’s generally some leading, some flirting, and some foreplay before two people start dating, and Yeong-Ju didn’t entertain any of it.

When Yeong-Ju talks to Haeng-Seon about going on a date with a man her mother has set her up with, Jae-Woo is overcome with concerns and slight jealousy as he desperately wants to talk to her and clear the misunderstanding.

He tries talking to her but she can’t be bothered to be reminded about the awkward night that still terrifies her. However, Jae-Woo pulls a baller move and takes her to the same place she took him previously.

He takes the situation into his own hands and comes full swing, eating the dish to signify the beginning of their dating. That’s the start of their dating and after that, they’re on a fast track of sorts, and things also get spicy really quickly, which is conveyed by the scenes where Yeong-Ju gives him the herbs to really get his energy levels up.

Their relationship is revealed to Haeng-Seon right at that moment, and she soon approves of it when she discovers that they both are serious about it. After the two-year leap at the end of the show, they’re expecting their first child, clearly proving that it’s their romantic arc that really justifies the “Crash Course” in the show’s title.

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