Dr. Jacob Bryanson: Ted Lasso season 3 character explained

In Ted Lasso season 3 episode 3, Ted calls back home to wish Henry good luck for his match. To his surprise, a man named Jacob Bryanson ends up picking up the call. Mike O’Gorman plays Jacob Bryanson.

Ted has been navigating his life after divorce for a while now. Somewhere, he still misses Michelle, as seen in the premiere when he notices her message on Henry’s phone.

Ted continues to be in touch with Henry, and they regularly talk to one another on the phone. During one of these conversations, Ted learns about a new friend of Michelle’s named Jake, who has gifted Henry Thanos’ infinity gauntlet.

The mention does hit Ted a bit, and the thought that Jake might be his wife’s new boyfriend may have stung him, but he forgets about it until he calls back home again to wish Henry good luck for his own match.

Ted knows Michelle’s new friend

Back home, Michelle ignores Ted’s call on the landline, assuming that it’s a telemarketer. Her friend, Jacob Bryanson, asks for permission to answer it. He intends to mess with the telemarketer.

Jacob picks up the call and imitates Donald Trump. Ted plays along, and the moment Jacob hears Ted’s voice, he feels awkward about continuing the conversation.

Dr. Jacob Bryanson: Ted Lasso season 3 character explained 1
Michelle and Jacob feel awkward after talking to Ted

Jacob then musters up the courage to introduce himself, and Ted realizes that it’s Dr. Jacob Bryanson, the marriage counselor he and his wife went to. Jacob further tells Ted that he can call him Jake now.

Jacob tries to hand the phone to Michelle, who in turn hands it to Henry. Ted motivates his son for the upcoming match. When Michelle is handed the phone again, she feels nervous talking to Ted, but she promises to have a conversation when they both have time.

Ted sums up that she is dating Dr. Jacob. The thought of it almost gives Ted another panic attack while AFC Richmond is performing against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Zava’s goals lift everyone’s spirits and stop Ted’s panic attack for the moment.

Ted rants about Jacob

While Ted’s team shines on the field, Ted, back home, continues thinking about Jacob and Michelle. He stalks Jacob on social media and rants about him to Dr. Sharon, stating that Jacob was supposed to bring Ted and Michelle back together.

Ted keeps up with how Jacob is spending time with Michelle and Henry and has completely replaced him. He continues to share this with some of his colleagues and friends, who help him cope with the feeling.

The lonely feeling may catch up to Ted, and he might get another panic attack sooner or later unless he finds a way to deal with this.

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