Into The Night season 2 summary and ending explained

Season 2 of Netflix’s Belgian post-apocalyptic thriller ‘Into The Night’ is now streaming. It follows a group of survivors who race to escape sunlight, which has now become lethal.

It picks up after season one where the group manages to find a NATO bunker in Bulgaria that is deep underground and immune to the effects of the Sun.

The group of passengers is having trouble adjusting to life at the bunker. They now wake up in the day and sleep at night.

Due to their arrival, a shortage of food starts to emerge and they plan to get seeds from an underground seed vault in Norway, revealed to them by Colonel Lom.

Sylvie (Pauline Etienne) has been wary about her secret of killing Terenzio (Stefano Cassetti) and Colonel Lom keeps a close eye on her.

Zara (Regina Bikkinina) and Dominik (Nicolas Alechine) get stuck in the generator room and it’s up to Sylvie, Colonel Lom and Jakub (Ksawary Szlenkier) to get a blowtorch from the plane and save them, but to their shock, someone has destroyed the airbase with a missile attack.

While there, Colonel Lom and Jakub find footage of Terenzio, who they thought committed suicide. But they rush back before watching it completely.

When the soldiers try to force Zara to turn on the generator, Ayaz rebels, and Colonel Lom is accidentally shot in the scuffle.

Without the blowtorch, Zara and Dominik succumb to the heat, but not before she turns on the generator to save the rest. Ayaz is left distraught.

The three are buried and the new mission starts. Mathieu, Ayaz, Jakub, Osman, Thea and Markus, the soldiers’ pilot, fly off to get the seeds in Norway.

Meanwhile, it turns out that colonel Lom had a copy of the video, which the soldiers watch and decide to exact revenge against Sylvie for Terenzio. They capture the remaining civilians and lock them up.

The other group reaches the Norway vault and finds Gia, a psychotic woman who was in charge of the seeds but her colleagues succumbed and her pills supply exhausted, leaving her in a dire state.

All the while, Horst (Vincent Londez) has been conducting experiments on rats to figure out if one can survive the sun, in order to cultivate the seeds after getting them to Bulgaria.

Will the group in Norway get the seeds? Will the civilians escape the soldiers? If you have any doubts after the finale, we have you covered.

Into the Night ending explained in detail (Episode 6 recap):

The Russians arrive

After Ines is locked out by one of the NATO soldiers, she is confronted by Russian soldiers who believe NATO destroyed their airbase. Ines acts like NATO actually did it to get the Russians on her side and help her re-enter the bunker. The Russians arrive and quickly kill the ambassador.

Back in Norway, the group’s plan to take the seeds and Gia with them is thwarted when she locks herself in the cockpit and destroys the control panel with a fire extinguisher.

The group at the bunker escapes the soldiers, but Rik (Jan Bijvoet) confesses that he told the soldiers about their plan after being stabbed. They decide to wait to be saved by those in Norway, unaware that their plane is damaged. They decide to find tools to fix the airplane and fly before dawn.

NATO and the Russian soldiers calm down start to collaborate, trying to figure out who launched the missiles. Thea tries to talk to Gia, and although it looks like a breakthrough, she ultimately fails and loses her cool.

Escape the bunker

Mathieu tells Thea that they’re going back to the bunker, but she replies that she’s pondering staying back with Gia. He tells her they’ll wait for her.

NATO soldiers tell the civilian they’ll hold a trial after the sun sets, for all of them, not just Sylvie. They plot an escape with the helicopter the Russians arrived in, by refuelling mid-way.

They create a blowtorch and escape through the vents. The group successfully cuts off the power and get away in the dark using Dominik’s night vision specs. 

The next night, Mathieu and Jakub enter the cockpit after Gia’s demise, Thea also having survived. The panel is heavily damaged.

Mathieu says the situation is bleak since they can’t find equipment to fix the panel and since both pilots are there, nobody can save them. But Jakub says the third group, that bombed the Russians and NATO base, could arrive to get the seeds and save them.

A New Hope

The group in Bulgaria drives towards the helicopter. Ayaz is told of their plan to wait for the third group, but he seems intent on something. A mysterious submarine with survivors reaches Norway.

Ayaz confronts Markus about a note written to Ines and he confesses that it was Colonel Lom’s plan to scare Zara by trapping them in the generator room but he did not realise there was no key.

Ayaz has no intention of forgiving him. He says that even though Markus isn’t a monster, but he does what monsters tell him to do.

Syvie starts take off after loading fuel onto the helicopters and the passengers. The soldiers are hot on their heels in a jeep. Rik gets off and uses a truck to ram them, sacrificing himself to help the others escape.

One from the group that arrived through a submarine reaches the vault and tells Ayaz that they’re researchers and they have a submarine, but he’s in no mood to talk and shoots at him.

In the end, two soldiers in Bulgaria come out of the bunker and hear sounds outside. When they look closer, a rat has survived an experiment, a huge breakthrough for humanity.

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