Inheritance (2024) summary and ending explained

Inheritance (2024) is a murder mystery that brings together three cousins and their loved ones to solve their uncle’s murder. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Dawid and his family are invited to his uncle Wladyslaw Fortuna’s house for his will reading following his demise.

Wladyslaw was a former game show host and held several patents as an inventor so Dawid assumed the inheritance would be a hefty sum.

Also in the running for it are his cousins Natalia and Karol. Natalia shows up with her younger boyfriend Gustaw, while Karol Fortuna comes with his partner, also named Karol.

Dawid is there with his wife Zofia and his children, Jozefina and Henryk. They are greeted by Wladyslaw’s butler who is absent-minded.

Everyone gathers to hear the will read out by the Butler and they discover that Waldyslaw’s assets are being donated to a local orphanage.

They will have to play a game designed by him to inherit his patents and inventions which doesn’t excite them.

Suddenly, Wladyslaw shows up and shocks them all. He says that his death was just a reason to get them all together since it had been 30 years since they all met.

He says that the game is still taking place the next day and it will depend on them working together to be completed.

Wladyslaw spends some time chatting with his family and gives Henryk a complicated Rubik’s cube to solve.

Henryk fiddles with something in his room and discovers a secret hallway that runs throughout the house.

He overhears his parents talking about a doctor and something they have to share with their children.

The next morning, Jozefina finds Wladyslav dead with a knife in his stomach and this time he is truly dead.

They call the police and wait while doubts arise about who might have killed him. Two men arrive and the family immediately gives them a rundown of what happened.

They say that the will is legally binding so they have to play the game to find out where the patents are.

The tablet they were given delivers Wladyslav’s first riddle and the answer is his game show, ‘The Wheel of Truth’.

Henryk finds another secret passage and it leads to a room designed like the set of the gameshow.

Dawid, Natalia, and Karol have to take turns answering questions about the family and collectively get a certain number of points.

Meanwhile, Jozefina gets a call from the police saying that they weren’t able to make it because of the snow, so the two men are lying about who they are.

They had questioned everyone and the family did not divulge what Wladyslaw knew about them.

He knew that Zofia was cheating on Dawid, and that Dawid was behind on his mortgage payments.

Karol had asked him for money regarding something but he refused to give it, and he also refused Natalia’s request even though she was going through financial hardship.

Except for Dawid, all of them had some motive for killing Wladyslaw. Dawid heard the shorter Karol talking to someone in Thailand and buying something of a certain age.

He assumed it was children but couldn’t say for sure. During the gameshow, Gustaw’s real name is revealed to be Romeo, a name he hates.

Wladyslaw had done intense research on his family and their partners to prepare his game. He urged all of them to reveal their secrets or he would reveal them himself.

They won the first game because Dawid knew everything about his family, and they got the second riddle.

Jozefina tells Natalia that the two men aren’t police but they get wise and give the family a deadline to solve the game.

Henryk sneaks around the house and finds old newspapers with an article explaining why Waldyslaw’s gameshow ended.

A contestant had lost everything and was driven to suicide. The second clue leads to an escape room and Dawid is confident as he is an enthusiast.

Unfortunately, he eats some of his uncle’s experimental truth serum chocolates that are also psychedelics.

He solves the clues in the room while tripping and comes clean to Zofia about their money problems.

Natalia also has the chocolates and tells the others that they are being held hostage and are at risk.

Once they get out of the escape room, the thieves hold them at gunpoint and tell them to hurry up because the patents are sought after by the company they work for.

The third clue leads to a maze and Henryk is taken as collateral so the other thief goes along with the family to solve the maze.

Ending explained:

Finding themselves

The maze has portraits of all the members of their family and Dawid takes the lead to figure out where they have to go.

They are bound together by cuffs that link them all together so they cannot split up and have to do it together.

The other thief watches on the CCTV while Henryk and the Butler are tied up behind him. Dawid realises that they have they find their portraits and when they do that, they reach the centre.

More disappointment

The cuffs disconnect and the family rushes out after knocking the thief down. He is unable to find his way out because the walls move but the family escapes.

They have with them a box closed with a codex they have to solve but they meet the other thief at the entrance of the maze.

They overpower him and make it to the main hall where the police finally arrive. Once the thieves are taken away and everything is settled down, they open the box to find it empty.

The real killer

They all accept that the patents are hidden away somewhere and they may eventually find it, but they are glad they are closer to each other now.

Before leaving, the police show up and put Natalia in cuffs. Gustaw then admits that he is the killer and he loves Natalia so wouldn’t want her to go to jail.

Henryk had discovered that Gustaw’s grandmother was the contestant who killed herself after the gameshow and he wanted revenge.

He didn’t plan on falling in love with Natalia but when he spoke with Wladislaw once again, his anger emerged and he stabbed him.

He also commented on the stabbing before seeing the body which Henryk caught. Henryk spoke to the detective and they caught Natalia hoping Gustaw would confess.

Happy futures

Natalia was a crime novelist and she got to work on the events of that weekend where they solved Wladyslaw’s murder.

She also married Gustaw in prison with Dawid as the best man. The Karols bought a dog from Thailand and named him Wladyslaw and loved him unconditionally.

Dawid and Zofia went to couples counseling and lived a happy life even though they didn’t get any money.

Henryk still has te Rubik’s cube and when he solves it, he finds a USB inside that presumably has the patents worth millions.

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