Ingilmundr: The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die character explained

Ingilmundr is a new character that holds significant influence over the young Aethelstan, creating a barrier between him and Uhtred. The character is played by Laurie Davidson.

Following the death of King Edward, his sons Aelfward and Aethelstan fight for the throne with Aelfward claiming that Aethelstan is not a true heir. Uhtred is willing and ready to take Aethelstan’s side as he raised him for many years but Lady Eadgifu and Aldhelm come with a warning.

They tell Uhtred that Aethelstan has gotten very involved with his religion and that seems to have clouded his judgment slightly. Even during the time of Edward’s death, Aethelstan was on a pilgrimage to pray for his health.

Uhtred quickly learns that a huge part of this shift in Aethelstan’s worldview is Ingilmundr, a Christian monk who has gained a position of importance besides the young heir.

His true colors

Ingilmundr states that he was born to a Danish mother which is why he has a Viking name but he has devoted himself to Christianity and he is similarly guiding Aethelstan down the holy path.

However, Uhtred sees that Aethelstan is acting like a tyrant under the sway of Ingilmundr and he tries to break this hold that the monk has over Aethelstan. He even notices that Aethelstan and Ingilmundr have a romantic relationship.

When he brings it up, Aethelstan becomes very paranoid and says that he will punish anyone responsible for spreading these “rumors”. Ingilmundr has Aethelstan wrapped around his finger and makes him carry out terrible decisions in the name of Christianity.

It reaches a point where Uhtred is banished from the realm, although Ingilmundr would have preferred to see him killed. When Uhtred is taken to the camp of Anlaf the Viking, he catches a glimpse of Ingilmundr.

He tries to warn Aethelstan that Ingilmundr is betraying him and that the zealot’s allegiances still lie with the Danes. Aethelstan eventually finds out that this is true and seeks out Ingilmundr on the battlefield.

Ingilmundr: The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die character explained 1
Moments before his execution

He succeeds in subduing him and after asking him whether his feelings were true or not, the new King has Ingilmundr executed for his betrayal.

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