In His Shadow ending explained: Does Adama kill Ibrahim?

In His Shadow follows the story of two half-brothers, Adama and Ibrahim, who are pitted against each other when their father passes away. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In the 1980s, Adama’s father, Ousmane, and his wife, Agna, pregnant with Adama’s half-brother, Ibrahim, move into a place called the Murets Project, where they open up their own restaurant for a living.

Their marriage falls apart when Ousmane brings a second wife into the house after returning from a visit to their homeland. Watching Agna and Ousmane fight because of another woman turns a young, innocent Ibrahim into a rough kid.

Things only get worse with time when Ousmane and his second wife give birth to Adama. Fighting at home becomes an everyday thing. Adama’s mother was afraid of witches, and she believed Agna was visiting one in the neighborhood. The arrival of Ibrahim’s sister and Adama’s half-sister, Aissata, helped Agna later.

One day, Adama gets into a car accident while coming to aid his mother. That day, he loses his eyesight, and his mother blames Agna and the witch for that.

Ibrahim steps up to help the family using the money he earned by indulging in illegal activities. His father doesn’t accept his help and stops calling Ibrahim his son.

While Ibrahim buys his mother an apartment, Ousmane helps Adama to get familiar with the world without his eyesight. He gifts him an Oware set, a game they played, with “Embrace your weakness and look to make it your strength” written on it in braille.

To this day, the conflict between Ibrahim, Ousmane, and Adama has continued. With time, Adama’s hearing has gotten way better than before. He has trained his ears and made them his strength.

The sudden passing of Ousmane changes things around. With his father gone, Adama and his mother are forced to keep a low profile. Adama and his mother end up inheriting a lot of Ousmane’s wealth, but Ibrahim stays adamant about working the way he likes.

When Ibrahim and his gang find themselves at war with a man named Eddy and his gang, he comes barging into Adama’s apartment to keep his stash there because the cops will never suspect a blind man.

Though Adama claims that he doesn’t want any part of this, Ibrahim clarifies that he doesn’t care what their father’s will says. The place Adama is living at is half his.

Unfortunately, Eddy’s gang steals that stash by breaking into Adama’s house while he is busy listening to his music. They kill his dog and quietly take the stash out.

Amidst all of this, the witch Adama’s mother claims to have made him blind comes and visits Adama in his visions, suggesting that she can help him. After learning that he has lost his dog, Adama seeks out the witch.

Adama is scared for his mother. He believes getting rid of his half-brother is necessary. He wants the witch to help him, considering that she is the one who made him blind.

Adama goes through a procedure, and the next day, when he wakes up, his vision starts improving. He visits Eddy and asks for Ibrahim’s stash back. Eddy doesn’t let him have it.

On his way back home, Adama is attacked by Ibrahim’s men. Ibrahim suspects that Adama has joined Eddy and is now plotting against him. They fail to make Adama talk by beating him, so they bring his mother into the picture and trap her with him inside a cell.

Back home, Aissata confronts Ibrahim. She has heard from her boyfriend, Malik, who is also Adama’s good friend, that he is holding Adama captive. She also brings up the topic of how Ibrahim beat Malik. A fight ensues, with Ibrahim trying to defend himself by telling her how he is the one who raised her.

Keeping Adama and his mother captive doesn’t sound right to Agna. So she leaves to visit them in the cell, but Adama was prepared. He believed one of Ibrahim’s men would come, and he would jump on him.

Unfortunately, he ends up knocking Agna out, who goes into a coma. Adama and his mother find shelter at Eddy’s. Adama’s mother advises him not to tell anyone that he can see now. She also reminds him of what his father used to say: “Make strength out of your weakness.”

In His Shadow ending explained in detail:

Does Ibrahim find out where Adama is?

With his mother in a coma and his stash missing, Ibrahim loses his mind. He starts wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. He extorts money from the shopkeepers to pay back the people he owes money to.

Malik helps his friend, Adama, to stay low. He supplies him with food and clothes. Malik also lies to Aissata about his visits, but she soon discovers Adama’s t-shirt in one of his bags and realizes that he is in touch with him.

Aissata lets Ibrahim know that they can find Adama but asks him to promise that he won’t hurt Malik.

Does Eddy surrender Adama?

Ibrahim doesn’t keep his word to Aissata. He hurts Malik to find his way to Adama. Once he does, he offers a deal to Eddy. Ibrahim is ready to hand over a few trap houses in exchange for Adama.

Eddy lets Adama know that he has already accepted the deal and is surrendering Adama to Ibrahim. Before Eddy’s men can take Adama away, Adama offers Eddy a better deal. He offers him the whole project, as in the neighborhood.

Is Adama’s plan successful?

Aissata confronts Ibrahim for keeping Malik captive. She says he is responsible for this whole mess; he just can’t see it. Ibrahim is then forced to lock her in a room.

At night, Adama executes an articulate plan to take Ibrahim and his gang out. He breaks into Ibrahim’s building, kills the power, rescues Malik, and spreads smoke grenades all over the place to distract Ibrahim’s men.

While Eddy’s men keep them busy, Adama quietly enters Ibrahim’s apartment, only to get caught. Ibrahim and Adama battle each other, but the latter gains the upper hand. He stabs Ibrahim but fails to muster up the courage to shoot him to death.

Adama then escapes, and Aissata breaks through the door and finds her brother lying on the floor. She attempts to keep Ibrahim alive, who ends up dying in front of her.

The cops, called by Adama himself as part of his plan, circle the place. They don’t suspect Adama at all, believing that he is just a blind person who is looking for a way out of this place.

With Ibrahim dead, Adama can navigate his life safely. Eddy, on the other hand, takes over Ibrahim’s project.

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