In From the Cold summary and ending explained

‘In From the Cold’ is a Netflix action series that revolves around an over-protective mother who is exposed to being a former Russian spy. 


A series of odd vicious murders take place in Spain and it seems like the work of an old Russian agent notoriously called ‘The Whisper’. People who were thought to have not shown signs of a violent streak before, ruthlessly murdered victims and could not remember anything after, like they have been hypnotised.

Jenny Franklin (Margarita Levieva) is in Spain as her daughter Rebecca (Lydia Fleming) would be competing in the ice skating world championship. She is over-protective of her daughter and follows her everywhere possible. They have a strained relationship as Jenny and Rebecca’s father just got divorced and the teenager with raging hormones is not okay with it.

While Jenny is out on the streets of Madrid, she is kidnapped by the CIA. The past that she tried to hide so hard was coming to haunt her. She does strongly deny being the Russian spy, ‘The Whisper’, but her identity is finally exposed when she engages in combat with the agents. Agent Chauncey (Cillian O’Sullivan) and hacker Chris (Charles Brice) are well aware that the strange murders were not committed by Jenny but they need her help to catch the culprit.

The best way they find to convince her to become a part of their plan is by blackmailing her. So, left with no options, she is forced to go on several dangerous missions in various disguises.

On one such mission, her life is compromised and Jenny is forced to shape-shift into security personnel to get out of the situation. She has special powers which let her camouflage and shapeshift.

Chauncey and Chris figure out where the next murder will be taking place; a wedding. But this information is not enough to stop the incident from happening. Young bride, Lidia is on the run after killing her bridesmaid. Jenny finds her and offers her a helping hand but Lidia is kidnapped and the main suspect of this crime is the famous philanthropist, Felipe Calero.

Disguised as Sara, a divorcee with two boys, Jenny infiltrates the restricted area in Felipe’s club and camouflages herself. She witnesses Felipe murder one of his nephews and Lidia in cold blood. Her anger rises and she wants to prevent these murders but is unable to because otherwise their mission would fail and they’d never get to the bottom of the mystery killings. Felipe and his boys’ mission is to assassinate the President. He is infatuated with Sara and invites her to his place to meet his sister (whose son he had just killed).

Jenny disguises herself as Felipe’s nephew, Diego, and goes to a bathhouse with his uncle Andres. She starts losing control of her body and she changes back to her original form and is attacked from behind. This swells into a battle and the attacker ends up dead. Upon the arrival of the police, she claims that she doesn’t remember anything of what happened or who she is.

Chief Inspector Ohana is quick to realise that this has Chauncey written all over it. She informs Jenny that Chauncey is a rogue agent who is illegally running his investigation. Shape-shifting into Ohana, Jenny quietly escapes the scene of the crime. Chauncey explains his reasons for this mission and tells how his fiancee was a double agent who had messed up the whole plan of catching the culprit, Gideon.

At Felipe’s house, Jenny meets an old acquaintance, Damian, who was a fellow agent and has a lead on Gideon. They make a pact that he will provide her with the information and she will help him get a new identity. Things go south when Gideon meets up with Damian and hypnotises him into torturing Jenny, his love. She ends up regretfully killing him.

Carmo, one of Felipe’s men, befriends Rebecca. She gets a tattoo on her hand of a little bird and this gives Jenny a clue to who Gideon might be; her ex-handler, her mother Svetlana Petrova.

Jenny was called Anya back in her spy days. She fell for one of her targets’ daughter, Faina. She ended up killing her lover’s father. She steals a secret serum from the Chinese Embassy and injects it into herself according to protocol. This serum is the reason for her superpowers.

Svetlana meets her granddaughter, Rebecca, after which she goes missing. But Jenny thinks that Felipe has kidnapped her daughter. Jenny needs to save her daughter and catch Gideon to ensure the safety of people.

In From the Cold ending explained in detail:

The fall of Felipe

Assuming that Felipe is behind the kidnapping of her daughter, Jenny goes to find him and ends up killing all his guards. It does not take her long to beat him into pulp. Getting bloody and blue-black, Felipe still claims that he doesn’t know about Rebecca.

She hangs him from the edge of the balcony and asks him about Gideon’s location after realising the real culprit. Desperate to live, he informs that she owns the ice rink that Rebecca and her team had been practising in. She lets go of him and Felipe falls to his death.

Save and end

At the ice rink, Svetlana’s person is waiting for Jenny. They get into a fight and Jenny wins but is shot by her mother.

On the other hand, Diego is all set to assassinate the President after being brain-washed by his uncles. Chauncey and Ohana reach just in time to try and stop him. While Diego is pointing his gun at the President, Chauncey very lovingly and logically talks the young boy out of destroying his life. The president is saved.

An injured Jenny calls Chauncey to give him updates on the issue. They realise that the target never was the Spanish president but the American senator who is currently at the ice skating world championship. Rushing towards the ice rink, Jenny is glad to find her daughter there but she is hypnotised and her skates are equipped to kill the senator.

To protect her daughter, Jenny shoots a bullet in the air which causes chaos and the senator and Svetlana are locked in a room together; the perfect situation for her to hypnotise him.

At the rooftop, Jenny finally confronts Svetlana. Her mother threatens that Rebecca is going to be a part of the mission and fulfil her duties. She tells that her reason for this mission is to cause World War III in which Russia will take the credit instead of America.

Jenny points her gun at her mother and everything finally comes to an end.

Secret call 

After 1 month, Jenny and Chauncey are dating and living together. The CIA realise and acknowledge Jenny’s worth and decide that she is an asset for the organisation. She ends up working for them. Rebecca and Jenny are slowly mending their relationship though Rebecca is still unaware of her mother’s secret. One night, Jenny goes and digs out her old spy equipment and makes a call and identifies herself as agent Anya and informs that things are moving just as planned.

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