Ibón’s death in Welcome to Eden season 2 explained

In the second season of Welcome to Eden, Ibón is betrayed and killed by Alma, the woman who loved him and looked out for him. Diego Garisa plays Ibón and Irene Dev plays Alma.

When Ibón was recruited by Astrid and Erick to join the Eden Foundation, Alma was appointed by Astrid to get close to Ibón and convince him to live on the island forever. Ibón and Alma bonded over their love for piano and started liking each other. 

Even when Ibón signed the papers to stay at Eden, Alma did not end their relationship. In fact, she went out of her way to keep him safe. 

Due to this, Astrid warned her that Ibón might become a burden if Alma, who has already earned two stars and is one of Eden’s higher-ups, wants to keep moving up. Alma did not take her warning seriously, but eventually, this is exactly what happened.

Losing a star

When Zoa tries to escape at the end of the first season, she gets caught by Ulises. It is Ibón who comes to her rescue and kills Ulises. Eloy also arrives at the scene, and since he is friends with Ibón, he helps them hide Ulises’ body.

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When Astrid’s guards start looking for Ulises’ murderer, Eva pins it on Eloy to get in Astrid’s good books. A guilty Ibón helplessly watches Eloy get punished for the crime he committed but confesses the truth to Alma when they are alone.

At the same time, Astrid kills her head of security, Brenda, and gives her position to Alma. It is Alma who is tasked with executing Eloy, but because of Ibón’s confession, Alma fails to kill Eloy when the time comes.

Due to Alma’s failure, Astrid decides to demote her by taking away one of her two stars. Since the stars are tattooed on one’s wrist, Astrid brands Alma’s skin to take away the star. 

Welcome to Eden Ibon
Astrid takes away one of Alma’s star

Losing her love

After Alma lets Eloy go, Ibón starts looking for Eloy with Orson. Eloy and Orson were in love, but while looking for Eloy, Ibón and Orson grow close. Eloy eventually returns, and Ibón starts sleeping with Orson and Eloy.

Ibón also starts working with the rebels, and Ibón and Alma drift apart. Ibón does not visit Alma and spends his time either with the rebels or with Eloy and Orson.  Alma realizes that she not only lost her star because of Ibón but also lost Ibón.

On the day of the event where Astrid formally introduces Isaac, Alma makes Ibón miss the event, as she wishes to speak with him alone. Ibón confesses that their relationship does not make any sense, and Alma agrees.

They break up, but Ibón still wants to be friends with Alma. She takes him to a cliff and agrees to be his friend. However, she betrays him almost immediately.

She gives him a goodbye hug, and while hugging him, Alma stabs him and watches him fall off the cliff. She claims that she killed Ibón because he killed Ulises. She later admits that she should have killed Ibón sooner.

By killing Ibón, the man she loved, Alma proves her loyalty to Astrid. If she keeps proving herself useful and loyal, she might even get her second star back.

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