Why does Ian Poulter join LIV Golf in Full Swing?

In Full Swing, Ian Poulter talks about his Ryder Cup history, the lucrative offer he received from LIV Golf, and the reason he chose it over the PGA Tour.

The news of Saudi Arabia possibly creating a new golf league of its own doomed the world of golf and the PGA Tour. This new league, called LIV Golf, already has eight events planned.

The PGA Tour feared that all the players would shift to LIV Golf, owing to the guaranteed money they are offering.

The owners of LIV Golf not only want the major players, but they also plan on having players with name recognition, which is why Ian Poulter is part of the discussion as well.

What makes Ian a fit for LIV Golf?

Ian Poulter has a great personality; he is loud and flamboyant, and with his colorful clothes, he stands out among many golfers out there. Apparently, LIV Golf offered Poulter 40 million dollars to join the league.

Ian Poulter also has a great Ryder Cup history. He has never lost in singles in the Ryder Cup. Playing at LIV Golf would lead the PGA Tour to suspend him and soon ban him from playing in their competitions.

There is no confirmation on whether it will also affect playing or captaining Ryder Cups. Therefore, Poulter saw himself in a difficult situation.

Poulter says he treats golf as his job and aims to maximize every bit of his potential in the coming years. He dreams of becoming a Ryder Cup captain someday. The opportunity of becoming a Ryder Cup captain being taken away would be devastating for Poulter.

Why does Ian Poulter join LIV Golf in Full Swing? 1
Ian Poulter plays for LIV Golf

Ian Poulter sees going to LIV Golf as a business decision. He thinks about it and eventually joins the LIV Invitational in London. He, along with all the other players who join the event, gets suspended from the PGA Tour.

Over the course of his 20-year career, Ian Poulter made around 33 million dollars, but here at LIV, at the tail end of his career, he is offered millions and millions just to show up.

Poulter deduces that he brings a certain kind of personality to the game—an individual who has been successful and has a great social media following.

The reason Ian Poulter joined LIV Golf

Upon joining LIV Golf, Ian Poulter and several other golfers are questioned about their decision, especially because of the criticism surrounding the league.

Ian Poulter is asked whether he will play anywhere if the money is right. Ian Poulter, on his side, claims that the decision he has made is right for him and his family. Deep down inside, he is comfortable with this move.

Ian Poulter will have to say goodbye to his dreams of becoming a Ryder Cup captain, but all that matters to him now is being a professional golfer, which has been his dream since day one. Poulter just wants to continue playing great golf all over the world from now on.

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