I Want You Back (2022) summary and ending explained

Prime Video’s ‘I want you back’ revolves around Emma and Peter, who, after being heartbroken due to their respective breakups, cook up a master plan to get back together with their exes. Will they succeed in this battle of love?


Emma and Peter’s partners Noah and Anne break up with them and decide to move on with their lives, leaving them heartbroken. 

They both meet each other when they are crying in the staircase of their office building and form an instant bond. To stop themselves from calling their exes, they decide to call each other instead and start spending time together.

After seeing that their exes are doing well with their new partners and having an existential crisis, they both decide to create a master plan to get their exes back by breaking up the new couples.

Emma decides to seduce Logan, Anne’s boyfriend, so that Peter and Anne can be together again, while Peter decides to befriend Noah so that he can make him break up with Ginny and get him to get back together with Emma.

Emma volunteers at the school where Anne and Logan teach and Peter joins the gym where Noah works to take their plan ahead. Emma and Peter keep meeting each other and reporting their progress and their bond improves.

Emma tells Peter how she thinks Noah is her airplane safety mask person – a person she loves so much that she will save him first in a deadly situation. 

Peter tells Emma about her love for old people and his dream of improving their lives. Emma is impressed by Peter’s dream and admires him for it. 

Emma is asked to fill in for the lead role in a high school play after the girl playing the main lead falls sick. She performs amazingly in the play rehearsal, impressing Logan, and asks him out for dinner. 

Logan makes Anne tag along with them and Emma suggests the idea of a threesome between them to freak Anne out, but they end up agreeing.

Meanwhile, Peter and Noah become good friends and Noah takes Peter to a club to set him up with someone. They get tricked by a bunch of high school girls acting older and go to their home and take drugs. 

On realizing the truth, Peter and Noah try to run but are caught by the girl’s dad. After being caught, Peter panics and says a bunch of irrational things like – “I want your house, a little kid will be good to play around”, thus making the situation worse.

After escaping, Peter and Noah talk about settling down and Noah tells him he is going to propose to Ginny and thanks Peter for helping him realize that.

If you still have doubts from the ending, here’s a breakdown.

I Want You Back ending explained in detail:

The truth

The next day, Peter sneaks into Noah and Ginny’s house to frame Noah for cheating but realizes it is wrong. He hears footsteps and hides inside a box. Noah proposes to Ginny and she says yes. 

Emma, on the other hand, meets Logan and Anne for their plans. Anne freaks out and tells Logan she can’t do it. 

When Logan asks her: she was bored with her previous boyfriend due to his lack of spontaneity, why she can’t do it now, Anne confesses that ‘Peter was not boring, he was perfect for her’ and leaves.

Peter and Emma meet up with each other the next day. He tells her about Noah’s proposal. To his surprise, she accepts it calmly and tells him she doesn’t feel as bad as she thought.

Peter receives a call from Anne. Emma tells him that Anne broke up with her boyfriend Logan last night and is probably calling him to get back together.

Peter and Anne start dating again and Peter tells Emma they can’t hang out anymore due to their weird situation. Emma agrees despite being sad and cuts contact with Peter.

The meeting

Noah invites Emma to his wedding. Logan accidentally meets Emma in a restaurant and asks her to take him as her partner to the wedding.

Emma and Logan go to the wedding and they end up meeting Anne and Peter there. Peter introduces Emma as a work colleague and after a lot of blabbering they all move away from the awkward situation. Peter tries to talk to Emma but she gives him a cold shoulder and leaves.

The confession

Peter again approaches Emma and asks how everything is going. She tells him about her new apartment and her plans to complete her studies and become a counsellor. Emma also gets to know about Peter’s plan to open a retirement home and finally follow his dreams.

Peter realizes that Anne doesn’t believe in his dreams, unlike Emma, who has been supportive since the very beginning. He finally realizes his feelings for Emma and goes to talk to her.

Emma refuses to listen to Peter and confesses how bad she felt after Peter abandoned her after using her for getting back together with Anne. After their whole plan is revealed, Noah punches Peter and Anne leaves angrily.

The next morning, Peter and Anne reconcile their differences. Noah and Emma also talk about how they were not compatible and wish each other good luck for the future. Emma boards her flight and finds Peter sitting in the seat next to her. She sighs and just takes her seat.

Soon after takeoff, severe turbulence worries them and air masks fall from the roof. Peter rushes to help Emma with her safety mask first and then wears his own. They both realize Emma is Peter’s airplane safety mask person and smile at each other, leading to a happy ending.

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