I Hate Christmas ending explained: Does Gianna find love?

I Hate Christmas’ follows Gianna, who hates Christmas, especially because she is single on a holiday that brings families and loved ones together. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Gianna, a caring and talented nurse, is nervous as Christmas is approaching. Much like every year, she is single again and really wants to avoid her mother, who is always curious about her love life. All her siblings have settled down with their families except for her.

In an attempt to defend herself from her mother’s questions, she claims that she is bringing a date this time around. Now that she has lied, she plans to find love before Christmas arrives at her doorstep.

The hunt begins with Gianna participating in various activities with the goal of socializing more. Gianna’s sister, Margherita, and her friends, Caterina and Didi, aid her in this quest.

Some boys like Nicola and Mario come walking right towards her. Gianna fails to get along with them as Nicola takes a shot at her profession while Mario has some anger issues.

Gianna avoids dating apps like Tinder, as she likes to think that it would make her look desperate.

Anyway, Margherita comes to the rescue and introduces Gianna to Carlo, who seems alright—until he pushes Gianna to face her phobia.

Gianna eventually turns to Tinder and comes across a 19-year-old boy named Davide. She spends a night with him but comes to realize that she is looking for love, not someone to sleep with.

Even Davide backs off when she jokingly confesses that she desires someone older. Things come crashing down during a party at her hospital.

Gianna’s colleagues, Nina and Umberto, who have a crush on her, try to get close to her while Mario and Carlo engage in an altercation.

No matter how bad the situation is, Gianna believes that one day she will be with someone like her father, who fuels her with encouraging words.

Gianna forgets what people and her mother will say and plans to surprise Davide, who seems to be the one for her. Davide, on his side, chooses not to pursue this relationship further as he plans to travel the world soon.

Gianna spends the night crying over Davide, and the night gets worse when she sees her father, the perfect man according to her, kissing someone else other than her mother in the dark.

To top it all off, Gianna’s father’s shop catches fire, destroying the Nativity scene they were working on for a competition.

I Hate Christmas ending explained in detail:

Is Gianna’s father cheating on his wife?

Gianna met Giulio, her brother, and told him about their father’s affair. It turns out that he already knows, and he further explains to her that their father is not actually cheating because even their mother knows.

They both have fallen in love with someone else and have decided to give their relationship one last chance until Christmas. If this last chance doesn’t work, they might get separated.

They kept this from Gianna because they knew how she would react.

Who is responsible for the fire at the shop?

Initially, Gianna blames Mario for burning down the place. After the party at her hospital, Mario and Didi got along and began dating. Didi brought Mario to help Gianna create the Nativity scene. He pitched an idea to add a waterfall.

Gianna got jealous when she saw Didi with Mario. She assumed that Mario overdid the waterfall and caused the short circuit. Gianna takes out her frustration on Didi, who in turn leaves after giving Gianna a reality check.

Later on, Caterina confesses to Gianna that she is responsible for the fire. On the night she saw Margherita and Thomas in bed together, she went down to the shop to light a candle. She prayed for the grace not to hate Margherita for that.

Gianna then mustered up the courage to apologize to Didi. She even showed support for her relationship with Mario.

Does someone join Gianna as her date on Christmas?

After spending time looking for love and realizing that not everyone’s life is perfect, Gianna understands the true meaning of Christmas. It isn’t about finding love; it is more about giving love when you have enough of it.

On that fine day, Gianna gets back to the way she celebrates Christmas every year. She goes back to her hospital to fill in for a shift, but her supervisor allows her to go ahead and take a day out.

With that, Gianna planned on surprising her parents with cake. Before she could leave, Doctor Umberto, who had a crush on her, confessed his love to her. Gianna wanted to react wholeheartedly, but an emergency call interrupted their conversation

Later in the evening, the whole family waited and looked forward to meeting Gianna’s boyfriend. Gianna’s colleague, Diego, walked in with Caterina, while Didi brought Mario along.

The family lost hope until someone did knock for Gianna. She stops narrating her story and decides not to reveal who that is for now.

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