I Came By ending explained: Does Jay expose Hector Blake?

I Came By is a thriller film based on two graffiti artists who steal from the affluent. Their lives take a turn for the worse when one of them comes across a deep, dark secret. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Toby and Jameel or ‘Jay’ are thieves who have made a name for themselves by robbing the rich. Their signature mark is the ‘I came by’ on the walls of the crime scene.

They are firm believers in rebelling against the establishment and think they are doing the world a favour by stealing from the wealthy. The two are known as ‘I Came By Taggers’.

The two work at the house of an affluent individual named Hector Blake, who is also a former judge. Toby looks at the antiques in his house and thinks he’s the perfect next target.

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However, Jay, whose lover Naz is now pregnant, doesn’t want to continue taking the risk. He tells Toby to go solo from now and keep him out of it.

Toby breaks into Hector Blake’s house and finds some suspicious pictures of a young man beaten up. Terrified by it, he tries to confront Jay.

But he isn’t willing to listen. He wants nothing to do with the trouble that Toby has gotten himself into, thinking it would bring harm to his family.

Toby tries to call the police but Hector Blake puts them at unease by suggesting he knows the superintendent personally. They leave without finding anything.

After an argument with his mother, Liz, about lacking a purpose in life, Toby breaks into the house again. He finds a heavily injured person and promises to get him out but Hector Blake returns.

Toby hides and tries to attack him but slips right at the last moment. Hector Blake finds him at his mercy and kills him with a bat. He burns his body in a kiln and flushes his ashes.

Liz is worried about the disappearance but Jay doesn’t tell her about their crimes. She finds a letter addressed to Hector Blake in Toby’s secret stash and calls the police again.

DS Lloyd arrests him after finding his suspicious panic room which has a peeping hole that only allows looking inside. However, as the superintendent is his friend, Hector Blake is allowed to leave, frustrating Liz.

The psychopath next takes an interest in Omid, an asylum seeker. He lures him into his house by promising to help with immigration.

Hector Blake spikes his drink and tells him about his childhood. His father started sleeping with the immigrant helper named Ravi and pushed his wife away. She killed herself later.

Filled with anger because of this, Hector Blake almost killed Ravi. This whole saga had turned him into a racist psychopathic killer.

Even in a drugged state, Omid escapes through the window and finds Liz outside as she has been tailing the killer.

However, Omid refuses to give a statement due to the fear that his asylum plea will be rejected. Hector Blake threatens him with extradition and takes him to his house again.

I Came By ending explained in detail:

Are Omid and Liz dead? How did Hector Blake kill them?

Liz finds pictures of the ‘I Came By’ tags on Toby’s laptop and confronts Jay. He confesses to their actions but when she asks him to help her break into Hector Blake’s house, he refuses due to fear of putting his family in danger.

She uses the keys Hector Blake has hidden outside his gate and enters the house. But unbeknownst to her, he had planted them on purpose after realising Liz is Toby’s mother and had been tailing him.

After capturing her, he cuts Omid into pieces right before her eyes. He assures her that he won’t need to do the same with her as she’s small enough to fit into the kiln. The psychopath burns her as well as her IDs.

Does Jay decide to avenge Toby and Liz?

Jay finds Liz missing and begins to feel guilty about not helping her and Toby. Naz leaves him as well after figuring out that he has been hiding something from her.

She tells him that Hector Blake will be giving a speech at their school and will be reading her dissertation. Jay finds this to be the perfect opportunity.

After the speech ends, Jay follows him back to his house.

How does Jay expose Hector Blake?

While he is sleeping, Jay attempts to attack him with a bat. However, the floor creaks and he wakes up because of the noise and defends himself. 

The two indulge in a back-and-forth tussle. While it seems Hector Blake will get his hands on another victim at one point, Jay manages to get the upper hand.

He beats up the psychopath and locates the secret room in his basement, finding the injured man Toby had promised to save earlier.

Jay brings him out, calls the police and escapes as he does not want to be associated with the arrest. On his way back, Naz calls and he just sobs, having realised that Toby and Liz are surely dead.

DS Lloyd arrives at the house and finds a tied-up and injured Hector Blake. She smiles at him finally paying for his crimes and no connections can save him at this point.

When she glances at the wall, she finds the ‘I came by’ tag that Toby and Jay were always known for. 

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