I believe in Santa ending explained: Are Lisa and Tom still together?

‘I believe in Santa’ is Netflix’s newest rom-com Christmas release. The story revolves around how a Couple bicker over the belief of whether Santa exists or not.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Lisa is a writer with very strong opinions. She is someone who does not prefer Christmas at all. For her, Christmas is a fool’s tale. In her opinion, the 4th of July is the best holiday and not Christmas. She is a single mother, who only keeps up with the tale of ‘Santa Claus’ for the sake of her daughter, Ella.

Tom is a lawyer by profession but holds Christmas very close to his heart. Upon reading an article, written by Lisa (though he remains unaware that she’s the author), Tom firmly believes that Christmas is one of the best holidays to exist.

On the eve of the 4th of July, Lisa takes Ella to a fair for a dance event. In this fair, Ella is momentarily lost. This is where Tom stumbles upon Ella and eventually gets introduced to Lisa. The romance between Tom and Lisa begins to brew from here. Amidst this, Tom’s friend Assan and Lisa’s friend, Sharon become good friends.

The ship sails smoothly for both Tom and Lisa – until Christmas arrives. Lisa condemns Christmas. She is anything but in awe of the Holiday season and for her, the holiday is much of a ‘waste’. 25 days prior to Christmas, Lisa and Sharon visit Tom’s apartment for dinner with him and Assan.

To Lisa’s horror, Tom’s apartment is glamorously decorated with Christmas ornaments. She is taken aback when she learns that Tom is a person, who enjoys Christmas from the core of his heart.

It is something he wholeheartedly enjoys and celebrates. During a heartfelt conversation car ride back home, Sharon encourages Lisa to give Tom a chance and indulge in the Christmas fever. Lisa accepts.

The next few days pass by with Lisa participating in different Christmas activities for the sake of Tom and their relationship. However, things go downhill when Lisa discovers Tom’s strong belief in the existence of Santa Claus. The two bicker about the controversial opinions on the topic to the extent that Lisa calls for a breakup.

Tom slowly mellows down his Christmas spirit while Lisa is made to write an article on the theme of Christmas. Lisa gets to have a conversation with Assan in order to gain a clearer perspective regarding Tom’s beliefs.

To this, Assan helps Lisa comprehend that some matters are easier to just put up with if one simply wishes to. In another subplot, Tom volunteers to help build a sleigh for Ella for a sleigh race.

On the day of the sleigh race, Tom and Lisa meet again. Along with Ella, they too take part in the competition and ultimately win. In the course of the celebration, Lisa, Tom, Assan, Sharon, and Ella gather at Lisa’s home.

This is where Lisa approaches Tom in the hope to reconcile. In response, Tom proposes marriage with a ring. This is when Ella reveals that she had asked Santa for Tom and Lisa to get married – and her gift was finally given.

‘I believe in Santa’ ending explained in detail:

Are Lisa and Tom still together?

Lisa and Tom have a picture-perfect relationship until Tom’s obsession with Christmas is revealed. Lisa is a practical and logical individual, who is strongly against the idea of Christmas.

There comes a point in the relationship where Lisa refuses to adjust any further for the sake of Tom and their relationship. Though after a brief conversation with Assan, Tom’s friend, Lisa realizes that her relationship with Tom is more than just one opinionated conflict.

Eventually, Lisa and Tom confess their love for each other and decide to tie the knot.

Does Lisa believe in Santa?

From the start of the ‘I believe in Santa’, Lisa is strongly against the idea of Christmas. She shares a childhood memory of Christmas with Tom, which made her lose her Christmas spirit.

By the end of the movie, Lisa adjusts to the idea of Christmas for Tom. For her, the relationship becomes more important than a conflict of opinions; however, she continues to disbelieve in the existence of Santa.

Does Tom still have his Christmas spirit?

Tom is quite obsessed with the idea of Christmas. A man of logic loses every ounce of it when it comes to the holiday season. As the movie proceeds, it is seen that Tom thrives upon the Christmas spirit.

After the argument and separation from Lisa, Tom’s Christmas spirit begins to fade. His enthusiasm shimmers down as loneliness dawns upon him. He lifts up his spirits once again when Ella asks him to help build a sleigh for a sleigh race.

Towards the end of the ‘I believe in Santa’, Tom regains his enthusiasm for Christmas. And once he reconciles with Lisa, Tom goes back to being himself again.

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