Jung Hyeon-Ok & Won Jong-Muk’s relationship in Behind Your Touch explained

Behind Your Touch has a number of romances brewing up along overarching mysteries and mayhem, and one such romance is that of Hyeon-Ok and Jong-Muk.

Hyeon-Ok and Jong-Muk’s romance in Behind Your Touch is one of the show’s great. However, the past of this romance is not all glitter and gold, with heartbreaks, shocks, and sadness aplenty.

Childhood romance

Jung Hyeon-Ok and Won Jong-Muk have been best friends since childhood. This later developed into a romantic relationship.

Since the beginning of Behind Your Touch, the two have been shown in the present day with tension between them. This tension stems from something that happened in their past.

Hyeon-Ok Jong-Muk Behind Your Touch
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Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that the two were nearly inseparable during their high school days and Jong-Muk would care for her and be there for her 24/7. She also loved his company dearly.

The heartbreak

In spite of their strong bond, they would not go on to tie the knot with each other. Instead, their relationship would not bloom and Hyeon-Ok would marry another guy.

This would break Jong-Muk’s heart into pieces and he would continue living his life with a broken heart. He would not be alone though, as Hyeon-Ok is also shown to be devastated and grieving how things ended between them.

In the present day, Jong-Muk is the chief at the Mujin Police Station, while Heyon-Ok is a nurse at her niece’s animal hospital. She is divorced from her husband while Jong-Muk is shown to not be romantically involved with anyone.

Second innings

Earlier in Behind Your Touch, Hyeon-Ok is shown to come up with any and all reasons to visit the police station and cross paths with Jong-Muk. She follows him, desperately wanting to express her love that lingers on still.

However, Jong-Muk always treats her coldly and shuts his heart out. Hyeon-Ok regrets that she ended up not marrying the one who cared for her, while Jong-Muk pretends to not have any love for her, as the truth is the opposite.

It takes Hyeon-Ok’s ex-husband to resurface for Jong-Muk to drop the facade and express his love.

When her ex-husband won’t stop bothering her in Behind Your Touch episode 8, Jong-Muk finally steps up and runs away with Hyeon-Ok to help her flee from her alcoholic and insensitive husband.

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