Human Resources season 2 summary and ending explained

In season 2 of Human Resources, Emmy gets a new client to tend to and learns new lessons as the other creatures of Human Resources go through their own journeys. The series is available on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Emmy is overwhelmed with clients and is losing quite a few of them when she is assigned a new one named Sarah. When she meets Sarah, she finds out that her logic rock, Van, has convinced her that love is pointless.

Maury and Connie are excited for Montel’s Jizz-Mitzvah where the young child will be introduced into the community of hormone monsters but Montel says they want to be a shame wizard instead.

Rochelle is dating Dante but he still has an issue with Pete and tells Rochelle that she can’t talk to Pete if she’s with him. He eventually breaks up with her because of her friendship with Pete.

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With Dante out of the picture, Pete wants to tell Rochelle how he feels about her but he never gets the right moment. Hope returns to help Rochelle with her client Alice, a physically challenged person who advocates for disability rights.

Alice goes on a date and gets all hyped up because of Hope but it turns out to be a regular dinner between colleagues and this leaves Alice and Rochelle very disappointed in Hope.

Pete is haunted by Dante’s zombie penis that he cut off and Maury advises him on how to deal with the issue. Emmy tries to get more influence in Sarah’s life but Van is always there to push back.

Walter is focusing on his long-time client Paul, who has lost his wife of 40 years and is grieving. Paul eventually realizes that it is time for him to move on but Walter has a tougher time doing that.

After going through that difficult situation with Alice and Hope, Rochelle turns into a hate worm and is approached by General Malice to join the hate division. Pete tries to change her mind but he isn’t able to.

Emmy finds out that Sarah doesn’t like talking about her mother so she digs into her past to find out why that is. She learns that Emmy’s mother had cancer and she avoided seeing her in that situation until it was too late and she wasn’t able to say goodbye.

She attempts to talk to Sarah about it but gets fired in the process. Walter’s long-distance boyfriend Simon is in town and he says he might be moving for good so they can be together all the time but Walter is overwhelmed by this and sabotages the relationship.

All of these emotions do not help him advise Paul very well as he tries out dating again. To make matters worse, Sarah is walking by and it is revealed that Sarah is Paul’s daughter and she isn’t happy that her father is moving on.

Rochelle continues to let hate fester within Alice and this ruins her relationship with some friends of hers and also messes up a potentially romantic opportunity too.

When the who office is struck down by a cold, Van goes home and during her bed rest, she realizes that she’s been closing herself off because she cared so much for her clients until they eventually died and she didn’t process that well.

Maury is always at odds with Lionel because of his bond with Montel and this all comes to a head when Mona decides to host a party at her place. She doesn’t invite any of the shame wizards so Lionel decides to have a party of his own.

After a fire breaks out at Mona’s house, they crash Lionel’s party where he is already quite drunk. Lionel, Maury, and Connie end up having a threesome that Montel walks in on.

Sarah avoids talking to Paul until Emmy asks Pete to convince Van that it would be a good idea. She breaks down at her childhood home and Paul helps her accept the grief that she’s been avoiding till then.

Montel checks out colleges with Maury and Connie as their parents make one last effort to get them to become a hormone monster but they show a genuine aptitude for being a shame wizard.

Human Resources season 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens at the Anal Day party?

Everyone is celebrating the holiday at work and Emmy invites Rochelle to the party but she’s being a complete downer. Things get worse when Dante enters the party following his time abroad and with his new spouse, a llama.

Rochelle rips right through them with cutting words and does not spare anyone else until she is asked to leave. She goes back down to the hate division and tells her colleagues what went down.

During her rant, she mentions how unfairly all the others treat them and how it should be them controlling everything. General Malice likes this idea and as Rochelle leaves, she tells everyone else what they’re going to do.

What is the hate division’s plan?

Rochelle visits Alice and sees her headed out to talk to a classroom that has been bullying a young boy. She stops her and convinces her that it is pointless to go and help because everything sucks.

Back at the office, General Malice and the rest of the division take over with weapons and ties everyone up as hostages. Gill and Joe are in the supply closet and take it upon themselves to help everyone else out there.

Dante’s penis shows up to help Pete and when Dante sees this, he gets jealous and snitches on them. He gets his head popped in return as everyone else has to watch him die.

With everyone indisposed, the hate creatures head to earth to sow discord and chaos. Rochelle returns and is shocked to see what has transpired.

Who saves the day?

General Malice hands Rochelle a gun and tells her to kill Hope but Rochelle has a change of heart and they escape instead. Rochelle is almost killed and feels guilty about everything she has done until Hope gives her a pep talk and she turns into a lovebug again.

General Malice calls them to the roof where she’s threatening to hurt Pete so they go there and successfully defeat the general and the rest of the hate creatures with everyone’s help.

Dante’s penis escaped into the vents and save Hope earlier when they were in the elevator shaft while Joe and Gill eventually save all the other employees as Montel was forced to kill one of his parents of his mentor, Lionel.

The day is saved and General Malice is killed as Rochelle goes back to Alice and tells her how important love is.

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