How To Deal With a Heartbreak summary and ending explained

In How To Deal With a Heartbreak, María Fe seeks inspiration for her new book, which she finds after suffering from a heartbreaking event. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

María Fe, also known as MaFe, has been keeping herself busy with her social media videos. It’s been three years since she released her first book. Her mother, Elena, thinks she should start focusing on the second one.

After hearing how her friends, Tali and Caro, are taking big steps in life, María Fe feels pressured to deliver too. Hence, María Fe makes the decision to return to Lima.

María Fe intends to dedicate her next book to her father, Fernando. The only problem is that her agent asks for it within three months, as they plan to launch it at the book fair.

Meanwhile, Tali is getting married to Santiago, and Caro is running a successful dessert business. The trio comes together to celebrate and ends up at the bar of Luca, a handsome old friend of María Fe from her teenage years.

Luca is good to the three and even buys drinks for them. Tali warns María Fe that Luca is the kind of guy who doesn’t do labels or commitments, so she shouldn’t attempt to get too friendly with him.

The night ends with heartbreaking news for María Fe, who learns that her father has passed away due to a heart attack. María Fe struggles to move on. Everywhere she goes, she sees her father there.

María Fe returns home and decides to stay, but her mother likes to think that she should go back to Lima. After all, María Fe’s life, plans, and future are all there. Tali and Caro are there for her, and the way María Fe is behaving makes them worry.

María Fe struggles to write her book with everything that is going on. Elena further burdens her by getting her enrolled in an online writing program. At least, María Fe finds a friend there in the form of Joaquín. They share the same sense of humor and become online friends.

María Fe also flirts with Luca from time to time. Tali advises that a man with red flags is the last thing she wants around under such tight circumstances.

María Fe looks at this differently. She thinks she should sleep with Luca if she intends to be a life and relationship guru. If things work out, she will be with the guy she has had a crush on since she was 15, and if they don’t, she will pour out her feelings into her new book.

Santiago guides María Fe into seducing Luca, and María Fe successfully manages to get into bed with Luca.

Amidst all of this, Caro thinks of having a baby. She has a house of her own, a job that she likes, and makes money. She feels stable and believes this is the right time to have a baby.

How To Deal With a Heartbreak ending explained in detail:

What helps María Fe?

María Fe visits Luca when there is a party taking place at his residence. There, María Fe meets an upcoming film director and a writer. They haven’t read María Fe’s book. After getting overwhelmed by their accomplishments, María Fe decides to leave.

Later, during a session of the writing program, María Fe is asked to talk about fear. She expresses her fear of writing stuff people won’t like. Only her father didn’t care about this, and he always encouraged María Fe.

María Fe fears that her father, who was excited about her next book, won’t be able to read it, and she will only have to imagine what he would have said. She breaks down while confessing all of this.

María Fe’s classmates applaud her while her professor tells her to hold onto this emotion to express herself.

What happens to Caro and Tali?

During Tali’s bachelorette party, Tali is nervous because she never wanted to marry in a church or have a party. All she wants is a simple wedding, not what everyone expects from them.

Caro, on the other hand, confesses that she fears that she is going to be a terrible mother. María Fe wonders why they haven’t talked about this. Everyone at the party, one by one, confesses their mishaps. They happily admit that they have no idea what they are doing.

After taking María Fe’s advice, Tali and Santiago decide to spend their wedding money on a trip to Italy instead, where they get married overnight.

Caro also makes the decision about who should be her child’s father. She asks her roommate, Leo, to impregnate her.

Does María Fe finish her book?

After that healthy conversation with her friends, María Fe returns home to surprise her mother on her birthday. They comfort each other, and María Fe gets back to writing her book.

María Fe’s friend, Joaquín, is the first person to review it. He assures her that it is good, funny, and filled with real emotion. At the book launch, Caro and Tali surprise María Fe by inviting Joaquín.

Joaquín has come for María Fe and doesn’t know for how long he is staying and where. María Fe invites him to stay at her house. Before María Fe can get back to the event, they both kiss. María Fe then proceeds to launch her next book, One Day (At A Time), The Time Comes.

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