How did Kimiko lose her powers in The Boys season 3?

In episode 5 of The Boys, Kimiko is in the hospital recovering from her encounter with Soldier Boy when a major revelation occurs.

As Frenchie is by her side at the hospital, Kimiko wakes up and realises that her wound hasn’t healed completely and that her powers are gone, but how did this happen.

Encounter with Soldier Boy

When The Boys are in Russia looking for the weapon supposedly called B.C.L Red, they find something that they least expected. Inside some kind of pod was a living, breathing Soldier Boy.

How did Kimiko lose her powers in The Boys season 3? 1
Kimiko is gravely injured by Soldier Boy’s attack

As soon as he steps out of the pod, he turns towards Frenchie and is about to let out an energy blast from his body when Kimiko steps in the way and takes the blast on her own.

She’s thrown back through a wall as Soldier Boy runs away and when Frenchie and the others check on her, she appears to be impaled with rebar and doesn’t heal instantly.

How did Kimiko lose her powers in The Boys season 3? 2
Kimiko confirms that she doesn’t have her powers anymore

They manage to stabilize her and get her to a hospital as soon as they get back to America and once she wakes up and notices her condition, she’s filled with joy as she can finally feel like a normal human being again.

In the comics

Kimiko goes by ‘The Female’ or ‘The Female of the species’ in the comics and has a very similar powerset compared to her character in the series. She is also selectively mute and is seen speaking minimally on occasion.

How did Kimiko lose her powers in The Boys season 3? 3
Hughie talks to Kimiko moments before she wakes up

While she never loses her powers in the comics, she is knocked into a coma after a fight with Stormfront. While she’s in the hospital, Frenchie brings her a bag of chocolate limes and keeps it by her side because those were her favourite sweets.

When Hughie tries to take one of those limes, the Female wakes up and breaks his arm.

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