How did Cassie get a record deal in Purple Hearts?

After getting married to Lance Corporal Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine) for military benefits in Purple Hearts, Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson) is even more determined to achieve her dream of becoming a singer. Having put her medical issues in check, she puts all her attention to making an impact in the music scene with her band, The Royal.

There is a lot that happens between Luke and Cassie as they fall in love but how does Cassie manage to secure a record deal despite all the drama in her life?

A demo to remember

While Luke is posted in Iraq he regularly video calls Cassie. One day he convinces her to sing an original song she’s been working on for the soldiers.

Having never shared her original music with anyone, Cassie is ecstatic to see that her song “Come Back Home” — influenced by the war — is received so well by the troops.

Later, during a conversation with Luke, she reveals that she posted the demo online and sent it to a bunch of small labels in hopes of getting recognition.

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She also adds that an indie music website positively reviewed one of their gigs which led to a booker reading it. Therefore, now they have a slot at the Oceanside Alt-Fest.

Alt-fest success

After a successful set at the Oceanside fest, Cassie posts a song from her set online which gets picked up for the Road Trip playlist. This results in it getting over 200,000 plays.

That night, the pub Cassie works at is full of spectators waiting to see The Royal perform. It is a pleasant surprise to see that the crowd already know the lyrics to their songs.

Luke’s injury in the battlefield puts a damper of her success for a while but The Royal’s popularity gets Cassie an audition with a label who are eyeing her for a contract. It is no surprise that she nails the opportunity.

Florence & the Machine

As Luke and Cassie’s differences subside, her career starts soaring. The band gets more shows and recognition, catapulting them to the big leagues.

After one of their shows, the band gets too know that a promoter of the Hollywood Bowl wants them to open for Florence & The Machine at the event.

This is when Cassie is dealing with the news of a break-in at her mom’s place and how Luke’s former drug dealer is responsible for it.

The high is broken when she gets the news that Luke has been apprehended for the fake marriage. After he lets her off the hook by taking the blame, Cassie is disturbed but still goes through with the show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Later, she rushes to see Luke before he’s taken in for his detention and confesses her love to him. This is when he congratulates her for a record deal and we realise that the concert wasn’t the only positive development that came from her struggle.

Cassie’s musical journey is an integral part of the narrative and despite the troubles in her life, it is the only thing that keeps her sane and eventually allows her to clearly discover her feelings.

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