Hostel Daze season 3 ending explained: Do Ankit and Akanksha stay together?

Prime Video’s ‘Hostel Daze’ follows a group of friends in an engineering college as they navigate hostel life, education, romance, and all the other ups and downs that come with it. Season 3 sees the gang return for their third year and has new challenges in store.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Hostel Daze season 3 kicks off with Jatin AKA Jhantoo expressing his disappointment in his friends. This year, he had hoped to turn hostel no. 3 into an even more chaotic place, but Ankit, Jaat and Chirag have other priorities.

Ankit, the hostel DOPA, is deeply immersed into his relationship with Akanksha, Jaat starts taking his classes seriously, and Chirag is always busy working on a new app with two new friends, Rohan and Dilip.

These new friends are interested in dating Nabomita, who is also a good friend with the boys. After she rejects both of them, they use obscenity to tarnish her image on the app.

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Chirag comes to the rescue and deletes the app itself. Meanwhile, Jhantoo leans towards politics, and starts protesting against exams with the Tapa Tap party, led by a senior named Sherdil.

The protest turns ugly when the college security intervenes, but Jhantoo is saved by his best buddies. Next, H-3 has to deal a thief within their wing. Chirag takes it upon himself to catch the culprit, and suspects Jhantoo.

However, his prolonged investigations are wasted when Ravi Teja tells everyone that he saw their junior Rakhi stealing. The group nicks Rakhi’s laptop in retaliation, but Chirag smells something suspicious.

It turns out that Teja was the thief and blamed everything on Rakhi. However, this whole ordeal backfires on Chirag, when Teja reveals that Chirag is the reason behind him stealing.

He told Teja’s dad about his lavish expenditures, resulting in his allowances being cut. The rest of the hostel too confronts Chirag about his habit of tattling, forcing him to beg every one to forgive him.

The rivalry between hostels soon flares up as H-3 loses the poetry competition to H-2. Chirag gathers the group for the short film competition which they end up winning, but all is not well in paradise.

As Ankit and Akanksha’s anniversary arrives, he gifts her very cheap and silly things, while she gets him a smartwatch. Akanksha blames everything on Ankit’s habit of lending money to his friends, especially Chirag.

She, along with Nabomita, trains Ankit to say no money lending, and urges him to ask Chirag for the sum he owes. This creates a rift between the boys, with Jhantoo, Jaat and Chirag, sidelining their DOPA.

It doesn’t take long for things to go sideways as Ankit ends up becoming a miser, who takes account of every minute expenditure. Meanwhile, Jhantoo and Jaat also turn their backs on Chirag when he continues his money borrowing antics.

Akanksha is fed up with this behaviour and screams at Ankit. She then opens up to Nabomita about wanting breaking up with him. However, as Ankit’s relationship suffers, his friendship with Chirag is repaired.

Hostel Daze season 3 ending explained in detail:

What does Jhantoo do about his plan?

To increase his authority over the hostel, Jhantoo contests the college elections for the post of General Secretary of Hostel Affairs or G.S.H.A. Even the 4th year students of H-3 are confident of his victory, but a fellow third year named Shreedhar comes as competition.

Jhantoo completely transforms himself into Jatin till election day (A version of himself who is cleanliness friendly, doesn’t curse, drink or smoke). However, Shreedhar’s support within the hostel proves to be a lot.

During a debate between candidates, Shreedhar has a lot of uplifting and crowd pleasing things to say, whereas Jatin gets insulted and booed off.

He takes some time alone and goes back into Jhantoo mode for another try. He pleases the hostel students via his regular personality and promises them the best time of their lives. A second debate is organized and Jhantoo completely outshines his opponent, winning the elections.

What happens between Akanksha and Ankit?

While celebrating Jhantoo’s win, Ankit finds out that Akanksha wanted to break up with him. The two have a falling out as Chirag worries about organizing the best farewell for the graduating 4th year students of H-3.

On the day of the farewell, Rakhi makes a blunder, forcing Chirag, Ankit and Akanksha to get late for the show. The seniors are disappointed in the gang, who try to apologize, but to no avail.

They are even more embarrassed when they realise that the seniors have paid off all their debts at the local tea stall as a parting gift.

Do the seniors get a farewell?

The gang organizes a special farewell for the H-3 seniors at night, within the hostel. It gets quite emotional and everyone celebrates. However, Jhantoo is missing.

Ankit and Akanksha have a chat and agree that they’re better off as friends. Meanwhile, Nabomita speaks to Chirag and confesses that she likes him. When he looks confused, she kisses him. This hints at a budding romantic relationship between them.

The seniors find Jhantoo in his room and he expresses his sadness at their departure. Having spent multiple years with them in the hostel, even before he was a student, it pains him to see them leave.

They all hug it out and go for a smoke as the season ends with the seniors leaving.

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