Hope: Human Resources season 2 character explained

Hope is the appropriately named embodiment of hope within humans and she shows up often in season 2 of Human Resources. The character is voiced by Niecy Nash-Betts.

Hope and Rochelle are best friends and the first time she shows up is right before Rochelle’s client Alice is set to go out on a date. Petra considers Hope a flake who disappears when things get rough.

While Rochelle wants to keep Alice’s expectations tempered, Hope manages to raise them really high with all of her flamboyance and positive energy. It all comes crashing down when it turns out to be a professional dinner and not a date.

Hope immediately leaves, angering Rochelle who follows her and eventually turns into a hate worm. Hope is overworked and even when the entire office is brought down with a cold, she has to keep working which earns Petra’s respect.

When Petra has to work with a non-verbal autistic child named Sal, she goes to Hope for help and together they help Sal express his needs to his parents.

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There’s always room for hope

In the season finale, General Malice and the creatures from the Hate Divison take over the office building, the general hands Rochelle a gun and nudges her to kill Hope once and for all. Hope cannot go through it and the two of them escape with Hope getting shot in the shoulder.

Hope: Human Resources season 2 character explained 1
Rochelle helps Hope escape General Malice

While traveling the elevator, Hope attempts to convince Rochelle that she can save everyone and get over her guilt about the whole situation. They climb out of the elevator but while trying to jump onto the next one, Hope falls down.

Right before Rochelle is about to be killed by Anthony Pinata, Hope emerges and saves her. She says that she was saved by Dante’s zombie penis and arrived right on time.

She gives Rochelle a pep talk, turning the worm back into a lovebug and then gives her one of her bombs which Rochelle uses to take out General Malice and the rest of the hate monsters.

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