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Hit & Run (2021) ending explained: Does Segev discover who killed Danielle?

Hit & Run is a Netflix original series with intense action and thriller at its core. Brought by the creators of the hit series ‘Fauda’, Hit & Run succeeds at keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats for the most part.

Hit & Run opens in Tel Aviv and follows Segev (Lior Raz), a local tour guide with a perfectly seeming life along with his American spouse Danielle (Kaelen Ohm) and his daughter Ella. Danielle, a dancer in the company decides to give an audition in New York. But on her way to the airport, she meets with a tragic accident as a car hits her and leaves, leading to her death on the spot.

The tragedy devastates Segev and he struggles to come to terms with the reality. He seeks aid from her cousin Tali (Moran Rosenblatt), a police officer, to investigate Danielle’s case.

As Tali begins her investigation, she discovers that the car passengers included two American professionals hired to finish her. Meanwhile, Segev worries over Ella’s safety as an intruder breaks into his home attempting to kill him but Segev manages to knock him down with his military training skills. 

Segev assumes that the mastermind behind all this is Isaac (Michael Aronov), his old mate trying to get his revenge from him, as he assumes Segev was behind his prison arrest. With this assumption, Segev departs to New York to catch Isaac before he plots any more trouble. 

Segev drops his daughter Ella to his ex-wife. Tali continues to investigate the matter from Tel Aviv.

Another subplot follows Assaf (Lior Ashkenazi), a Special Intelligence liaison, and Daniella’s ex before she married Segev. Danielle’s death leads to a spiral of troubles for him, as he loses his job and gets abducted by Mossad, Israel’s Intelligence Agency.

In New York, Segev reconnects with his old mate Ron (Gal Toren), now a drug dealer, and Naomi (Sanaa Lathan), a writer for a reputed newspaper, and with their help tries to learn Danielle’s past. However, the truth turns his world upside down as Danielle is not the same person he thought she was all this time. 

Who is responsible for Danielle’s death? What is Danielle’s true identity? Why is Israel Intelligence questioning Assaf? Will Segev be able to protect her daughter?

Hit & Run ending explained in detail:

Danielle’s true identity

Segev and Ron go after Isaac where, with brute force, Segev attempts to get answers out of his mouth. Isaac reveals that he was just a middleman and is clueless about the identity of the conspirator. On Segev’s orders, he calls the two drivers who executed the plan. With wrath, Segev finishes both of them and dumps their body, leading to an investigation by Detective Newkirk.

Segev visits a funeral service organised by Wexlers, Danielle’s parents, but later discovers that the entire service was a setup in a rented apartment.

Segev searches every dance company in the city to get any information on Daniella, but shockingly finds out that Daniella’s real name was Sophie Dreyer, who faked her identity the entire time she was in Tel Aviv.

Segev manages to get hold of Sophie’s address, where he finds a box for her containing a wedding picture book and a notebook. When Segev conducts a thorough search of the apartment, he locates several fake passports with Sophie’s picture, confirming she worked for the CIA.

Naomi assists Segev to get background information about Martin Wexler (Gregg Henry), but Wexler turns out to be a powerful person whose identity is not easy to retract. When Segev spots him again, he follows him without missing the opportunity and finds that his real name is Reece, who sent Sophie on the mission. While Segev and Ron are on their way to meet Reece, Ron gets shot by motorists sent by the Mossad, leading to his death.

Truth behind Sophie’s death

Sophie stole sensitive and classified information from the Israel intelligence using Assaf, which turned out to be the ultimate cause of her murder committed by the Mossad.

For this reason, Assaf was being questioned by Tamir (Igal Naor) from the Mossad. When Segev comes to know that the information is still with Sophie, he searches her box again and finds a message encoded in her notebook.

He breaks the code with the help of Naomi, which turns out to be “Chronos, Cheetah, Cobra, Rat”. But before he could understand what it meant, he gets arrested by Detective Newkirk. 

The notebook

In prison, Segev gets summoned by both Mossad and the CIA in search of the notebook. Reece further informs Segev that Sophie managed to reach too close to Eitan Sharon, Assaf’s boss, and stole classified information from his car.

As this possessed a higher level of threat on her, she was expected to leave immediately for the US, but was reluctant to do so as she loved Segev. As it took her 72 hours to take any action, the delay cost her life. Reese offers Segev a chance to start a new life with US citizenship in exchange for the notebook. Segev initially agrees to it but later manages to escape. 

Alongside, Naomi is working on an article to bring out the conspiracy to light. She breaks the code “Chronos, Cheetah, Cobra, Rat”, which translates to POTUS, The Daughter, Son in Law, and Remote Access Trojan, spyware used by hackers. This makes her realize that Sophie discovered that Israelis are spying on the White House. 

However, Naomi gets kidnapped by Tamir, who demands the notebook from Segev in exchange for her life. Segev breaks into the safehouse but sees Reece alongside Tamir, suggesting they have become allies. But Reese deceives Tamir and shoots him at the right moment. Segev grabs this opportunity to knock down Resse and escape with Naomi. He parts ways with her and asks her to publish the article.

But Segev’s troubles are not yet over as he receives a call from Tali that her ex-wife has been shot and Ella is missing, setting up a season 2 for Hit & Run.

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