Lady Suroth: The Wheel of Time character explained

High Lady Suroth is a noblewoman from Seanchan who crosses the ocean under the orders of Ishamael, putting her at odds with High Lord Turak. The character is played by Karima McAdams.

Lady Suroth traverses the ocean with a large army and attacks the small village of Atuan’s Mill, where Perrin and the Shienarans made camp in their search for the Horn.

She lays claim to the land in the name of the Seanchan and orders everyone there to take the oath. When Uno refuses to bow down, she has him killed to send a message.

She is flanked by Ishamael, who doesn’t say a word as she carries out these actions. She returns to her homeland and faces High Lord Turak following her conquest.

Lady Suroth: The Wheel of Time character explained 1
She is a follower of Ishamael, much like Liandrin

A difference of opinion

Lady Suroth considers her excursion a success as she has brought back an Ogier and a Shienaran but High Lord Turak tells her that she made the wrong decision, in defiance of their Emperor’s wishes.

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She is punished by having her nails cut off and ordered not to show herself until she is presentable again. When they return to her quarters, Lady Suroth questions Ishamael’s decision to go to the village, which she is paying for.

She stands up to Ishamael, claiming that he needs her army and people, but he states that he has knowledge of why she swore an oath to the Dark, and she immediately retracts her aggression toward him.

She wanted to kill High Lord Turak but Ishamael tells her that it would only deter their plans rather than help them. She later meets Liandrin to collect Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne as a damane, but they manage to escape with some help from Liandrin.

She does capture Egwene and offers her up to High Lord Turak as a way to endear herself to him once again.

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