Henry Dahl: The Lincoln Lawyer character explained

Henry Dahl is a podcast producer who clashes with Mickey Haller on the subject of how to tell Lisa Trammell’s story. The character is portrayed by Matt Angel.

After Lisa is stuck with an astronomical bail amount, Henry steps in to help her get out. She introduces him to Mickey as someone she had met a while back when he was doing a feature on the gentrification around the city.

Mickey is aware right from the start that Henry is trouble, and the first thing he does is pull Henry aside and show him the contract that Lisa signed, which hands over her life rights to him, meaning Henry cannot make any deals on her behalf.

Henry claims that he wants to work with Mickey and Lisa to put her story out there, but Mickey warns him to back off. He tells Henry that he’s not allowed to interview her or record her for anything that he is producing.

However, Henry puts out a promo for a podcast called ‘Gentrify or Die’ about the Mitchell Bondurant murder. Henry is also seen secretly watching Mickey’s house while Lisa visits him one evening after he agrees to represent her.

After the big bucks

Henry is regularly shown talking about his previous podcast ‘Murder on the Hudson’ which is supposed to be quite popular but people don’t always seem to be aware of it.

He goes ahead with his podcast even after Mickey explicitly told him not to and the lawyer has no choice but to file an injunction and put a stop to his endeavors.

Henry is angered by this but Mickey doesn’t care, even though it does drive a wedge between him and Lisa because she didn’t like that Mickey went over her head without discussing it with her first.

The final straw is when Izzy sends Mickey a link that reports on Henry selling the rights of his podcast to adapt it into a television series. This makes Mickey incredibly enraged and he goes to his car to find the contract for Lisa’s life rights.

Henry Dahl: The Lincoln Lawyer character explained 1
Henry Dahl is mostly after fame and fortune

It isn’t in her file and immediately after, Mickey is beat up by two men who were most likely waiting for him and might have been sent by Henry.

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