Henry and Sam: The Last of Us characters explained

In The Last of Us, when Joel and Ellie arrive in Kansas City, they form an unlikely partnership with the likes of Henry and Sam, who are being hunted down by every other person in the city.

KC FEDRA falls at the hands of the resistance led by Kathleen. She still looked for Henry, who has been smart at hiding.

Henry is young, intelligent, and commanding, and his wits have helped him and Sam during their time in Kansas City. Sam is Henry’s younger brother who is deaf.

Henry and Sam both have learned sign language, and the former is very caring toward his brother. They both have managed to avoid Kathleen and the resistance with a bit of help from one of the city’s doctors, Edelstein.

Kathleen and the resistance call Henry a collaborator for working with the FEDRA, which had formed an authoritarian regime in Kansas City. The residents suffered until they took FEDRA down.

Kathleen has a personal agenda against Henry, and she is more bent on hunting him down than any other resistance member.

Why are Henry and Sam on the run?

The resistance used to follow Kathleen’s brother. He was a kind and forgiving leader. Even Henry claimed that he would have followed this man to the end during one of his conversations with Joel.

Sam had gotten sick with leukemia, and there was only one drug that worked for him. FEDRA had that drug, and if Henry wanted it, he needed to deliver FEDRA something big.

Henry and Sam: The Last of Us characters explained 1
Henry hides from Kathleen and the resistance

In order to save his brother, Henry gave them something big in the form of Kathleen’s brother. Henry received that drug for Sam, and Kathleen’s brother ended up dying at the hands of FEDRA. After taking FEDRA down, Kathleen made killing Henry her personal mission.

Henry’s survival instincts

Henry and Sam survive for the time being with the help of Edelstein. When Edelstein stops showing up at their hideout, Henry deduces that he has been captured.

It turns out that a FEDRA member spoke up and told Kathleen about Edelstein working with Henry.

Kathleen captures and interrogates Edelstein, hoping that he will give away Henry’s location. Joel and Ellie arrive on the same day, and after engaging in a battle with the resistance, they kill some of Kathleen’s people. Henry sees this battle from the building they are hiding in.

While Kathleen kills Edelstein out of frustration, Henry sees Joel as his ticket out of the city. Unlike Henry, Joel is familiar with combat and is a survivor.

Henry plans on using Joel as his muscle and getting out of the city through the tunnels, which may have one or two infected people inside them.

Though Joel claims that he doesn’t work with traitors upon hearing that Henry is a collaborator, Henry reminds him that he has no option. Only Henry knows this city inside and out.

Unwillingly, Joel and Ellie team up with Henry and Sam in an attempt to escape the resistance and Kansas City.

Sam’s love for art and comics

During their time in the tunnels, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam come across settlements built after Outbreak Day. They take a rest in a classroom where Ellie and Sam play and get along.

Sam, as a kid, fears the kind of world they are living in. He gets by using his creativity. He loves drawing. He even spent his first days in an attic, drawing and decorating the place while his brother waited for Edelstein.

In the classroom, Sam and Ellie come across a comic they love called ‘The Savage Starlight’. They share their love for the comic and the number of issues they have.

Henry and Sam’s deaths

Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam successfully escape the city. The only thing they don’t know is that Kathleen has a sniper out there waiting for them. Joel takes the sniper out, but soon Kathleen arrives with the resistance.

Henry intends to give himself up. A swarm of infected saves the day. The infected force the resistance to back out. Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam later take shelter at an abandoned motel.

Joel starts seeing Henry and Sam as good people who can join them and aid them on their journey to Wyoming. Even Henry agrees to come along.

Sam and Ellie are told to sleep inside a room. Sam struggles to fall asleep as he fears that he may turn into a monster soon. He reveals to Ellie that an infected bit him while they were escaping from the resistance.

Henry and Sam: The Last of Us characters explained 2
Sam reveals that an infected bit him

Ellie attempts to save Sam. She tells him that her blood is medicine. She cuts herself and puts her blood on Sam’s wound, hoping that it will heal him.

They promise to stay awake. Ellie ends up breaking that promise as she sleeps and wakes up to find Sam staring at the window. Upon approaching, he attacks her.

Henry picks up Joel’s gun in the heat of the moment and accidentally shoots Sam. Unable to process the situation, he kills himself there and then. Joel and Ellie bury the brothers near the motel.

Henry and Sam’s deaths change Ellie. Joel notices that she has placed Sam’s writing board on his grave, which has ‘I’M SORRY’ written on it.

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