Helmet summary and ending explained

‘Helmet’ on ZEE5 is a movie about condom propagation. Starring Aparshakti Khurana, Pranutan Bahl, Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma, and Sharib Hashmi, the film carries a social message against overpopulation.

‘Helmet’ follows the couple, Lucky and Rupali, who are in love and wish to get married. However, orphan Lucky is a singer in a wedding band with a minimal income. Whereas Rupali, the only daughter of a rich father, is engaged to an NRI.

In the desperate time to earn some extra money, Lucky decides to execute an elaborate heist. His bandmate makes some cash by transporting company goods. Keeping this in mind, Lucky hatches a plan to rob one of the company trucks with the help of his two friends.

Instead of the electronic appliances that he hoped for, he is stuck with hoards of condoms. What will Lucky do with these unwanted ‘electronic appliances’?

Here is the ‘Helmet’ ending explained in detail:

The Heist

In a desperate need of money for this lady love, Lucky stages a heist to raid a company truck containing, what he believes are expensive products.

To execute his master plan, he ropes in his best friend, Minus who has a hearing problem, and Sultan, his best friend’s partner in crime. Sultan readily agrees to the plan because he too is in need of quick money. Actually, a moneylender threatens Sultan just as the two friends enter his house. 

The plan is simple — Gather information from his bandmate, who drives trucks to deliver goods for an e-com company. The info would include the time of the trucks leaving, the route and the basic how-to of transportation. 

Sultan poses as a police officer and Lucky as Commissioner (due to sheer stupidity) on a check-point, and Minus is appointed as the one who has to unload the goods. With Sultan keeps the driver busy in a pointless conversation, Lucky helps Minus complete the task.

Upon returning from the heist, their celebration is cut short when the cartons are revealed to contained innumerable boxes of condoms. Flabbergasted from this, they try to sell them to the medical shop the next day.

But the shop refuses as their condoms sales are negligible. Disheartened, they throw a box and find the guy trying to discreetly pick up the box. Thus they conclude, everyone wants it but are too embarrassed to buy them.


Upon the group’s discovery of everyone’s need for a condom, they decide to sell it with a ‘helmet’ to maintain anonymity. Lucky finds a couple fighting on the streets and decides to pitch the guy a box of condoms at half the price to ‘eliminate his and his wife’s frustration.’ 

Lucky’s plan proves to be successful and they strategize to aim for places where people would definitely buy them. They strike deals with a barber and cinemas where porn is quietly showcased.

Just as everything is going smoothly, Sultan’s moneylender seems to have visited the site and stolen the already stolen goods.

The trio goes to his lair and tries to get the products back until the gangster learns the truth. He takes them to a brothel where they successfully attempt to persuade the workers into buying the condoms for their safety.

Upon the agreement, one of the workers asks them if they could hire her younger brother for their company ‘Helmet’.

The Aftermath

The worker’s request leads them to question whether they can actually hire people for sales. Putting it into a test, they post a notice online with the interview taking place in a quiet area. 

The attempt is successful and soon they have queues of youths waiting to be hired by them. The public is comforted by the anonymity of the salespersons and subtly accept the company.

But of course, every high comes with a low. While Lucky earns enough to open his own band and ask Rupali’s hand in marriage again, their very first customer ‘the barber’ tries to sell condoms to the bandmate they robbed. 

He is taken into police custody and questioned where he reveals that he knows nothing of ‘Helmet’ besides a simple phone number. Police insists that he call them and ask for a meet up with as much product as they can offer him.

The meet-up is confirmed. While Lucky performs at the wedding with his own band for the very first time, his partners-in-crime get arrested while making the transaction. Then, the Police also arrest Lucky at the wedding.

However, upon the public’s trust and insistence, the trio is bailed out from jail. Apparently, the increase in the sales of condoms leads to a decrease in pregnancy rates making their town one of the top ones to use contraceptives and practice safe sex.

‘Helmet’ ends on a happy note where Rupali bails the trio out and her father praises the group’s efforts and gloats about how their actions will be written in history with the town’s name in gold.

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