Hedy Ford: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5 character explained

Hedy is Gordon Ford’s wife and an old acquaintance of Susie’s, although they seem to have a complicated relationship. The character is played by Nina Arianda.

Gordon flirts with Midge from her first day on the show and constantly asks her out on dates, and when she brings up the fact that he’s married he says that he and his wife have an arrangement.

When Susie is snooping around the office, she sees a picture of Gordon’s wife and immediately recognizes the person in the picture. She eventually runs into Hedy one night after the show and attempts to avoid her.

A special relationship

Hedy catches up to Susie as she tries to run out of the building and they have a very brief conversation. Susie and Hedy apparently knew each other back in college, and it is implied that they were in a relationship together.

Susie is uncomfortable the whole time and is glad to see the end of their exchange. The next time Hedy shows up, she is being thanked for bagging Princess Margaret on the show.

Afterward, she sits down next to Midge and congratulates her for her work before talking about Susie for a bit. When Midge finds out that Susie and Hedy are connected, she goes to see her immediately.

She pressures Susie to use that connection to get her booked on the show. Reluctantly, Susie meets Hedy and tells her to get Gordon to change his mind about the rule as a favor to her.

Hedy Ford: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5 character explained 1
Hedy and Gordon seem to have a conditional marriage that suits them both

Hedy acknowledges that Susie is making a lot of effort to do this and asks her if she’s in love with Midge but gets no response. She does honor the request and pushes Gordon to have Midge on the show, using their own relationship as a bargaining chip.

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