Heartbreak High (2022) ending explained: Do Harper and Amerie reconcile?

Heartbreak High is a reboot of an older show that centres around a group of teenagers in school as they grow, learn and make mistakes along the way. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Heartbreak High is a show set in Australia, and a modern-day reboot of a 1994 show of the same name, that ran for seven seasons.

The plot follows a teenager, Amerie, a social outcast at her high school whose situation only worsens after authorities discover a mural she created alongside her best friend Harper, highlighting the sexual history of a lot of her classmates.’

Amerie and Harper have been friends since childhood, and have been together through thick and thin. They are inseparable and have secretly been working together on a wall, scribbling about hook-ups within their class groups.

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The day the wall gets discovered, Amerie decides not to mention Harper’s involvement in the act and bears the brunt of ostracisation by the rest of the school.

When Harper finally comes back to school, she shows up with chopped hair and refuses to talk to Amerie, who attempts to figure out what’s wrong. Soon enough, she loses hope and takes this as a sign of the end of their friendship.

Amerie forms new friendships with Quinni and Darren, the only two people willing to interact with her after the incident. Darren is non-binary, and Quinni is a lesbian- and both of them add their own bit of quirks and representation into the narrative.

A lot of the students are also required to sit in for SLT classes after the discovery of the mural, and this steadily becomes a safe space for them, even though it starts off on an unpleasant note. 

Amerie, Quinni and Darren soon discover a second mural under a desk, and this keeps expanding to other areas in a similar fashion. 

Amerie kisses her longtime crush Dusty, and things seem to be progressing until she senses something going on between him and Harper.

Clashes between the teenagers occur, from Amerie and Harper to Malakai and Spider. Each person has their own internal storylines and connections with each other.

With romance, rumours, drama and lots more gossip surrounding the teenagers, Heartbreak High never runs across a dull moment.

Heartbreak High ending explained in detail:

What happened to Harper?

Towards the end, Amerie finally gets to the bottom of what happened to her and Harper the night of the music festival.

Harper woke up drunk in a car with Ca$h and a few of his friends, and he helped her escape.

Amerie had gone back home with Spider, and when Harper approached her doorstep for help, she did not answer the door because she didn’t want anyone to know she had gone back home with him.

When Harper reached back home, she encountered her father in his drunken haze and this worsened her night further. 

This is what served as the catalyst for her to chop her hair, and where her refusal to talk to Amerie stemmed from because she felt let down by her own best friend.

Who was responsible for the second map?

The students part of the SLT classes were responsible for the new map, and it is also revealed that the ones who made up the rumour about Amerie and Miss Jojo are also a part of the group.

Dusty, Spider and Ant were the ones responsible for making up the rumour that ended with the dismissal of Miss Jojo.

Do Harper and Amerie reconcile?

Amerie rushes to Harper’s home, and finds her friend covered in blood.

Harper finally shares her side of the story, and tells Amerie about her father who frequently had episodes such as the one she had just braved.

Amerie takes Harper home and feels super guilty for not being there for her friend. She vows to never let her down again, and promises to make amends. 

Amerie approaches her mother for help, and tries to figure out a way to ensure Harper never has to go back home or go through such an experience ever again.

She also confronts Ca$h about that night, and they find a video from that night. This leads to the arrest of a few of those who were in the car that night, but the main mind behind it, Chook, gets off easy.

Amerie and Harper join back together and exact revenge upon Chook by burning down his car.

Who gets together with whom by the end of the first season?

While romance and relationships were in the air, the last episode sees much of this dissipate, or leaves their relationships quite ambiguous- raising hopes for coming seasons.

But over the course of the show, the couples confirmed, even for a bit were- Amerie and Malakai, Dusty and Harper, Ca$h and Darren, and Quinni and Sasha. Their current relationship statuses remain unclear.

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