Hazuki Kudo: My Happy Marriage character explained

Hazuki Kudo, voiced by Yoko Hikasa in My Happy Marriage, is one of the supporting characters in the anime.

Hazuki Kudo is the older sister of Kiyoka Kudo and the daughter of the Kudo family’s head, Tadakiyo Kudo. She’s also a mother to Asahi Ookaito, the son she had with Masashi Ookaito before their divorce.

The ideal teacher

Hazuki Kudo arrives at her brother’s house with a purpose, which is to teach his fianceé how to be a lady. It is Miyo herself who asks Kudo to let her learn the proper etiquette of a lady.

Kudo has his sister in mind and shortly thereafter, she arrives. Miyo is delighted to have her teacher be her future sister-in-law but not as much as Hazuki is to meet Miyo.

Hazuki Kudo My Happy Marriage
Image source: Netflix

Very soon into their sessions, Hazuki takes an immense liking to Miyo and even asks Kiyoka if she can take his fianceé home with her. She adores Miyo and later implores her to call her big sister.

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When it comes to the teaching sessions, Hazuki is an exceptional teacher and guide and helps Miyo learn at a fast rate, while also being mindful of her needs pertaining to rest and proper sleep.

A healing presence

Hazuki Kudo makes for the ideal female companion for Miyo right now. All her life, Miyo has been treated horrendously by other women except for her late mother and a maid.

To have a woman act all sisterly with her and adore her like a big sister is crucially refreshing for Miyo, as she can also benefit mentally from the conducive and comfortable environment that her bonding with Hazuki proffers.

It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that Hazuki’s gifted abilities are that of healing those around her. These powers are sure to be revealed in the coming episodes of My Happy Marriage.

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