Harper: Who is Erin Carter? character explained

In Who is Erin Carter?, Harper is the daughter of Lena. Erin takes Harper to Barcelona after watching Harper’s mother get shot. Indica Watson plays Harper.

Harper used to come to Thomas Ramsey’s hideout with her mother, Lena, who worked with Ramsey while taking care of Harper at the same time.

Lena admits that she is a bad mother, but she makes sure that Harper is provided with everything. Lena had plans to move to Spain with Harper after the Harwich job. Harper was about to go to school.

However, during the war between CIO and Ramsey’s gang, Erin, who went by the name Kate, an undercover CIO officer who had infiltrated the gang and had gotten close to Lena and Harper, sees Lena getting shot. Assuming that Lena is dead, Erin takes Harper and moves to Barcelona with her.

Five years later

Harper grows up calling Erin her mother. Erin believes Harper doesn’t remember anything that happened in the past. The truth is that she is disturbed and haunted by the visions of a mask her real mother, Lena, wore the last time she saw her.

That aside, Harper also has a genetic eye condition that requires her to wear glasses all the time, especially when she is out in the sun.

Throughout the series, Harper’s visions continue to disturb her as she grows further apart from Erin. Harper finds comfort in drawing what she sees in her visions and at Penelope’s when she sees her son’s childhood pictures there.

Harper: Who is Erin Carter? character explained 1
Harper questions Erin about her baby photos

She doesn’t have childhood pictures of hers, and her desire to know more about her past, who her father is, and from whom exactly she has inherited her eye condition grows. The visions grow to the point where she starts freaking out.

At first, Erin tries to solve this by ripping Harper’s drawings apart. However, Harper points out that those drawings aren’t upsetting her; they are upsetting Erin.

Harper accepts Erin as her mother

Initially, Erin feeds Harper lies about the past and Lena being her aunt. For Harper, Erin competes at a tennis tournament for parents and lets her know that she is there for her.

When Erin goes missing, Harper badly misses her mother. Erin comes back and assures her daughter that she will never ever leave her. The two reconcile, and this moment brings them closer than ever.

Soon, Harper overhears Emilio calling Erin by the name of Kate. At home, Erin is forced to tell Harper the truth, as Harper remembers Erin being called Kate in the past. Erin admits that she is not her real mother and claims that she lied to Harper to protect her.

For Harper, the only thing that matters is that Erin loves her. Erin says she will do anything for her. From this point on, Harper grows close to Erin and Erin’s husband, Jordi.

Even when Lena returns for her, Harper is more worried about whether Lena is going to help Erin or not. She pushes Lena away. In the end, Lena accepts that she must do what is best for Harper. She sacrifices her life so that Erin can save Harper from Daniel Lang.

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