Hard Broken summary and ending explained

Hard Broken sees a group of friends and colleagues get shaken up as secrets relationships and enmities surface when one of them dies in a brutal murder. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The tragic murder of Yasmine sends her family and friends spiraling. Police look for any evidence at the crime scene but can’t find any.

Yasmine’s husband Adam’s friend, Saad, is a defiant holdout who is eventually brought in for questioning. He immediately adds a significant amount of intrigue by claiming Yasmine was unfaithful.

Saad then takes the investigation into his own hands. Meanwhile, Adam gets hold of Yasmine’s secret phone. Youssef, Yasmine’s colleague, suspiciously tries to get his hands on it.

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The police continue collecting evidence and after an arrest of masked men trying to steal the phone from Adam, they get their hands on the phone. Meanwhile, Saad makes a sacrifice while saving Adam from the gang members.

All evidence recovered incriminates Dr. Youssef as flashbacks reveal that he was indeed in a secret relationship with Yasmine.

He goes into hiding but is found out and arrested, with the police finding even more incriminating evidence against him.

The finale of Hard Broken season 1 sees the complex secret of Yasmine’s death being revealed, as new threads of betrayal, revenge, and even more secrets start getting entangled with each other.

Hard Broken ending explained in detail:

Does Yasmine have a secret affair?

Yes, Yasmine is in a secret relationship with her colleague and family friend, Dr. Youseff. He’s the one who introduced her to Adam, the lawyer whom Yasmine eventually falls in love with and gets married to.

However, she soon comes to learn that Adam is extremely suspicious and paranoid, as he relentlessly pesters her with questions about where she is going, and who she is going with, essentially suffocating her with all the restrictions.

She is distressed and can’t live like this, and amid all this stress, it’s fellow dentist Dr. Youseff, who truly provides her the reprieve and company she is desperate for. He trusts her, listens to her, calms her nerves, and truly understands her.

He also loves her, and the two gradually develop a romantic relationship and meet in secret, while she grows more and more desperate for this relationship to be out in the open and for her suffocating relationship with Adam to be over.

Their secret relationship never gets to be out in the open and instead, gives way to the brutal start of Hard Broken’s plot.

Who kills Yasmine?

Adam and Lana are behind Yasmine’s death. It is done in revenge that they both seek to exact upon Yasmine as well as Youseff.

Their criminal act is reserved until the finale of Hard Broken season 1, as flashbacks delve into the how and why.

It all starts when Lana gets suspicious of her husband, and later confirms that Youseff is really cheating on her with Yasmine. She then shows Adam that his wife is indeed adulterous and his suspicions are justified.

Adam wants to kill immediately, but Lana suggests serving their revenge cold. At Adam and Yasmine’s eighth wedding anniversary, Lana spikes Yasmine’s drink with morphine she steals from Youseff’s clinic.

Yasmine begins hurting and asks Adam to take her to the hospital. He does, while Lana follows in a taxi after them, which is driven by Saad.

Meanwhile, Youseff is away to heed the call for an emergency checkup, but there’s no patient as it is orchestrated by Adam and Lana. In the meantime, their plan is on the move.

A masked-up Lana stops the car and gets Yasmine out of it at gunpoint. They take her to an abandoned building where both Lana and Adam show their true colors to an already dying Yasmine, who pleads and begs to no avail.

Adam reveals he knows about her relationship with Youseff, before shooting her in the stomach and then in the neck, before asking Lana to shoot him in the shoulder so that this staged murder by an anonymous party seems legitimate.

What happens to Youssef?

Towards the end of Hard Broken, Youseff fears his relationship with Yasmine getting exposed when he hears that Adam has found her secret phone. He tries asking Adam to hand it over to the police.

He then begins trying to get his hands on it and when he can’t, he resorts to a radical measure, which is to hire a gang to rob it from Adam. However, the police catch up to the gang and arrest them, before learning who hired them and why.

The phone is recovered and investigator Wael sees the call records, and two people’s names are there — Youseff and Suraya. They send a subpoena for Youseff, who learns that his hired goons are arrested and go into hiding.

He tries to flee to Paris but fails to do so. Meanwhile, Adam, with the help of Saad, tracks him down and goes to shoot him, even though his magazine is empty. The police arrive and arrest both.

Meanwhile, Adam’s car is found in the parking lot of the apartment where Youseff is hiding, thanks to Lana who had planned this from the beginning. Additionally, the gun used by Adam is also found inside the kitchen, also thanks to Lana planting it there.

An overwhelming amount of evidence incriminating Youseff comes to light and he’s arrested. The trial begins and he’s sentenced to death by hanging. In the jail, he’s met by one of the big guys who suggests he take his revenge if he’s been framed.

At first, all Youseff can do is be hopeless against his fate, but since Adam visits him once and whispers to him that he killed Yasmine, Youseff has a newfound courage to exact his revenge as well.

Hard Broken rolls the credits as Youseff unleashes his rage with a cry of anger.

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