Hannah: How I Met Your Father character explained

Hannah is Sid’s wife who is doing her residency in Los Angeles as they maintain a long-distance relationship. The character is played by Ashley Reyes.

Hannah has made occasional appearances since the beginning of How I Met Your Father as the series begins with Sid proposing to her at Pemberton’s before dropping her off at the airport so that she can return to her surgical fellowship in Los Angeles.

Sid and Hannah try out everything they can to keep things fresh in their long-distance relationship. She is also friends with Drew, who she went to college with before meeting Sid in medical school.

When Sid and Hannah go out on a weekend getaway with Sophie and Drew, Sid tells Hannah that he bought Pemberton’s after learning that the old owner was selling. This causes a minor wedge between them before Sid promises to discuss key life decisions with her.

After dealing with so much pressure trying to plan two weddings, Sid and Hannah decide to elope and get married at the courthouse as Sid encourages Hannah to accept the extension of her fellowship.

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A long-distance marriage

The couple travels back and forth during their first few months of marriage to spend time with each other and on one Valentine’s day, Sid tells the others about how they became a couple after Hannah danced with Drew at a college party to make Sid jealous.

Hannah: How I Met Your Father character explained 1
Much of their relationship involves scheduling dates to spend time with each other

Hannah is in town for Val’s engagement party and Sid notices that she’s looking for places to stay in Los Angeles. He tells her that they always planned on making a life together in New York but she tells him that she’s enjoying her experiences in LA.

She asks him to consider the possibility of moving to LA long-term and after seeing an old recording of himself soon after their engagement, Sid tells Hannah that he will be open to her choice of moving to LA permanently.

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