Han Yu-Ri: King the Land character explained

Han Yu-Ri is one of the supporting characters in King the Land, serving as the only possible romantic rival to Cheon Sa-Rang.

The former king of stone face, Gu Won rarely ever moved his brows in response to most things, much less crack a smile, which has been his enemy since a traumatic event in his childhood.

That all changes when he met the cheerful Cheon Sa-Rang, who does crack a smile that he at first claims to hate, but gradually comes to like so much that he falls completely in love with her.

Their relationship hits an awkward speed-breaker when a childhood friend of Won’s enters the picture.

A childhood friend

Han Yu-Ri is a childhood friend of Gu Won, which is revealed shortly after she enters the frame for the first time in King the Land.

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While Gu Won is shown to be mostly a grumpy, cold, and distant guy at first, Yu-Ri is quite the opposite. She is bubbly and full of life, and very clearly interested in Gu Won romantically.

She isn’t obsessed with the idea of growing old together, but she surely believes they’re best for each other and that she will snag him one day.

They have known each other since childhood and their families are familiar with each other for a long time as well. However, Gu Won doesn’t see her in the same romantic light as she sees him.

A business proposal

What’s a more immediate form of frustration for Gu Won is that Han Yu-Ri’s father is the chairman of First Royal Hotel Group and an old friend of Gu Il-Hoon.

This situation entails the two old men liking the idea that their children should marry each other. Along with finding the pair really great, they also believe it’s a union best fit for the kind of families they belong to.

Han Yu-Ri King the Land
Image source: Netflix

Il-Hoon later tells Won that he’s from a wealthy family and hence the expectations, including those related to his relationships and marriage are proportional to the status.

Han Yu-Ri believes this too, later even saying that marrying her would also give way for Won to acquire King the Land.

However, Won doesn’t want to do anything with that proposal, and he’s not ready to entertain the marriage talks at all, even revealing to everyone that he loves someone else.

Frustratingly persistent

Han Yu-Ri is kind of ignorant when it comes to Won’s feelings, which is ironic since she likes to show how much she’s fond of him.

Won makes it clear a number of times that he loves someone else and even more times how he has no romantic feelings for her, but Yu-Ri just smiles and remains persistent in her offers to marry.

She even boastfully suggests to her father and Il-Hoon that they will ultimately be husband and wife and that she will get him.

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