Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance ending explained: Did Kyra get the scholarship?

Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance follows the journey of Kyra Berry, a 14-year-old US gymnast, as she tries to win a scholarship at an Australian gymnastics academy.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

After she lost all her scholarships due to a heavy injury, Kyra Berry is invited by Maddy to Coreega Gymnastics Academy for a three-month trial which would decide her selection for a scholarship at the academy. The Academy offered one international and five Australian scholarships.

On her first day at the academy, Kyra meets the other gymnasts. While some of them welcome her, others do not. She practices her routine but realises her previous injury has still not completely recovered. It hinders her performance. She starts giving extra time to her practice and gets help from her coach, Jaimie and Maddy. She eventually recovers. 

Maya records the extra help Kyra has been getting from the coaches and uses it to fuel the other students against her. As a consequence, Tess blames Maddy for favouritism. Maddy apologises and tells Kyra she won’t be continuing her extra training anymore. 

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Li, one of the girls at the academy, starts getting stressed due to the pressure from home to perform better in her overall performance. The stress starts affecting her performance at gymnastics and Kyra decides to step in and help her. Kyra’s plan backfires and Li’s mother pulls her out of the school. Kyra compensates by convincing Li’s mother to let her stay.

Dylan starts liking Kyra and asks her out for a movie which makes Scarlett jealous of her. She tries to embarrass Kyra in front of the whole class. The gym class decides to organise a friendly soccer match with the academy’s soccer team. Scarlett injures Kyra in the match. 

Kyra gradually recovers from her knee injury and gets teamed up with Tess and Scarlett for the next internal competition. The team finds it hard to manage but Jamie guides them in using their strength. 

At the competition, the guest judge informs everyone that there would be a 500 dollar fee for any review request. Scarlett agrees to pay the money to review Kyra’s performance and get her scores up. 

Kyra’s father has a heart attack but her mother asks her not to worry and stay in Australia which makes it hard for Kyra to focus on her gymnastics or friendships. Maya uses it against her which outrages Scarlett and splits the duo. 

Maddy faces challenges in managing her life as a coach, gymnast and her love life. While she takes an off to deal with it, Kyra helps Jaimie train the team. 

Maddy returns after getting engaged to her boyfriend. Everyone on the team is stressed with a week left for the national championship. Maya defects to the opponent team and performs Kyra’s routine as her own.  The Academy calls Maddy to remind her that the international candidate must rank in the top 5 of the nationals to get the scholarship or the entire programme would be closed. 

Kyra choreographs a new routine on the morning of the competition. She gets a call from her mother. She informs that her father had to rush off to the hospital and the call cuts due to network issues. 

Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance ending explained in detail:

What happens to Kyra’s father?

After Kyra’s performance, her mother clears the confusion and tells her that he had to rush to the hospital for an appointment he was getting late for. 

Kyra starts worrying about her parents and refuses to stay at the academy due to its distance from her home in Minnesota. Jaimie asks her parents to come to Australia and convince her to stop worrying and explore her life as a gymnast at the Coreega Academy.

What happens to Maya?

Maya defects to the opponent team on the condition that she would earn her scholarship there if she beats everyone from Coreega.

With the routine stolen from Kyra, she bags the second position but is unable to get the scholarship as Kyra ranks number one. 

After Kyra rejects her scholarship, the trainers ask Maya to take the international scholarship as she clears all the criteria and it would save the programme.

Did Kyra win the scholarship?

Kyra ranked first in the national competition but refuses to accept the scholarship as she would not be able to stay in Australia. 

Her parents convince her to stay but the scholarship was already awarded to Maya to protect the programme when Kyra initially refused.

Scarlett agrees to give up her scholarship to Kyra and asks her to apply for dual citizenship since her mother was born in Australia.

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