Gye Ji-ung: Miss Night and Day character explained

Gye Ji-ung is a prosecutor who comes to Seohan to solve an old case. In Miss Night and Day, Choi Jin-hyuk plays Ji-ung.

When Mi-jin, desperate for a civil service job, gets scammed, she meets Gye Ji-ung, a prosecutor who overhears her conversation with the scammer and reveals to her that she has been scammed. 

As Mi-jin and Ji-ung’s documents get exchanged during their first meeting, they meet again. Soon after, Mi-jin encounters a killer Ji-ung is pursuing and becomes involved in his investigation.

Ji-ung’s mother’s disappearance

Ji-ung’s father never married his mother, who harbored resentment toward him and often took it out on young Ji-ung. 

Despite everything, Ji-ung loved his mother; she was the only family he had. However, he lost her as well.

His mother had witnessed a murder. Although she did not tell the police anything, she still went missing after being kidnapped by the culprit.

Ji-ung was left all alone after his mother went missing. He tirelessly pursued the detective who pressured his mother for information related to the crime she witnessed, trying to get him to find her, but to no avail.

Ji-ung lost faith in the police. Furthermore, the detective told Ji-ung that he would grow up to be a delinquent; he would get arrested as an adult and ruin his life.

The detective’s words impacted Ji-ung. After his mother’s body was found, Ji-ung resolved to work hard and become a prosecutor to find her killer himself.

Gaining a trustworthy companion

Ji-ung is considered to be the best prosecutor. He is arrogant and unapologetic because he knows he is good at his job. 

While civil servants typically seek transfers to Seoul, Ji-ung leaves his position there to transfer to Seohan. 

Ji-ung has never stopped trying to find his mother’s murderer. Even twenty years later, he is still investigating her case, which is why he requests a transfer to Seohan.

There, just like twenty years ago, another person goes missing. As the police only find a mutilated body part, the case seems to be similar to Ji-ung’s mother’s case. 

Mi-jin has an encounter with the person responsible for the disappearance, and Ji-ung promises to protect her because he still does not trust the police.

Miss Night and Day Gye Ji-ung
Ji-ung promises to protect Mi-jin

Additionally, as Ji-ung is a workaholic who expects his associates to work just as hard as him, his office aide quits her job, leading to Lim Sun, Mi-jin’s day-time persona, becoming his new office aide. 

Initially, Ji-ung, unaware that Lim Sun is Mi-jin, does not want to work with an old woman, so he tries to get her to quit. Lim Sun never complains and efficiently executes every task he assigns her, much to his surprise. 

He comes to value Lim Sun when Mi-jin reproaches him for looking down on old people. Lim Sun also reminds him of himself, so he decides to let her continue working with him.

Over time, as Ji-ung continues frequently meeting Mi-jin, who transforms into her real self at night, he starts trusting and liking her, even though he never opens up to anyone.

Ji-ung had lived a lonely life until now, but everything changes after meeting Mi-jin. However, Mi-jin will continue to be in danger until Ji-ung catches the killer.

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