Bok Gwi-ju’s disappearance in The Atypical Family explained

In the finale of The Atypical Family, Bok Gwi-ju goes missing for five years after saving Da-hae and I-na.

Thirteen years ago, the day I-na was born, a fire killed several people at a school where Da-hae was a student. 

Years later, when Gwi-ju and Da-hae meet, they realize that Da-hae’s past is Gwi-ju’s future, as Gwi-ju often travels back in time and interacts with Da-hae. 

Eventually, they discover that the man who saved Da-hae from the fire was Gwi-ju from the future. He gave Da-hae his family ring, which she still has. 

Gwi-ju’s happiness at using his power to save Da-hae’s life is dampened by his mother’s precognitive dream, which reveals that Gwi-ju will die while saving Da-hae.

The events leading to Gwi-ju’s disappearance

The person who saved Da-hae thirteen years ago had a scar on their neck. One day, Gwi-ju gets a similar scar on his neck while time traveling. 

Getting the scar means that Gwi-ju will soon save Da-hae from the fire that broke out at her school in the past. 

The scar also proves that Gwi-ju can get hurt while reliving a past moment. Despite his mother’s dream, Gwi-ju is prepared to risk his life to save Da-hae.

On the day of I-na’s dance competition, the Bok family goes to her school to support her. There, Da-hae recognizes Gwi-ju’s outfit.

He was wearing this outfit when he came from the future a few days ago to warn her about I-na being locked in her school gym.

This leads Da-hae and Gwi-ju to realize that the time has come for Gwi-ju to go back in time. Gwi-ju first travels to the recent past to warn Da-hae about the gym incident.

While Gwi-ju is gone, a fire breaks out at I-na’s school in the present, and Man-heum realizes that the fire she has been seeing in her dreams recently is this one, not the one from thirteen years ago. 

When I-na does not come out, Da-hae goes looking for her. Gwi-ju also returns to the present after warning Da-hae in the past and starts searching for I-na. 

Da-hae finds I-na, but before they can get out of there, a section of the wall collapses on them. It is Gwi-ju who comes to their rescue at the last minute.

Gwi-ju holds up the wall and asks Da-hae to leave with I-na, which Da-hae reluctantly does. The wall then collapses on Gwi-ju. 

However, Gwi-ju does not die, as he travels back in time to the day of I-na’s birth. He then goes to rescue Da-hae, who is trapped in the fire that has broken out at her school.

Gwi-ju finds Da-hae and gives her his family ring. He manages to save her, but he himself does not make it out. As he does not return to the present, he is considered missing.

The Atypical Family Gwi-ju
Gwi-ju gives Da-hae his family ring

How is Gwi-ju alive?

Even five years after Gwi-ju’s disappearance, Da-hae keeps waiting for him to return, holding onto his promise of having a tomorrow together. 

After Gwi-ju went missing, Da-hae gave birth to their son, Nu-ri. One day, Da-hae finds out that her son has the power to bring things from the past. 

She asks her son to bring Gwi-ju from the past. Nu-ri successfully brings his father to the present from the day Gwi-ju saved Da-hae. 

Thanks to Nu-ri’s intervention, Gwi-ju did not die in the fire after saving Da-hae. He was saved by Nu-ri.

Gwi-ju was missing for the past five years because Nu-ri had taken him to the future. It is because of him that Gwi-ju and Da-hae reunite.

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