Gravik: Secret Invasion character explained

Gravik is the primary antagonist of Marvel’s Secret Invasion, a disillusioned Skrull who wants to take over the planet for his people. The character is played by Kingsley Ben-Adir.

One of the first names that Talos brings up with Fury after his return is that of Gravik, claiming that he took Fury’s disappearance the worst and believed that Fury didn’t fulfill his promises to the Skrulls.

Gravik leads a group of rebel Skrulls that have taken refuge in an abandoned nuclear plant in Russia and actively working against humans to claim the planet for his people.

He has several warriors under his command, including Talos’ daughter G’iah. Gravik is set on the notion that Earth is for the taking and that humans were on their way toward destruction anyway.

To that effect, he attacks a public square in Moscow and, as an added benefit, kills Maria Hill to land a severe blow to Nick Fury.

Looking for a place to call home

Gravik was a resilient being even as a child, as evidenced by the fact that he piloted a ship all on his own and escaped to Earth after his parents died during the retreat from Skrullos.

He was brought to Fury as a potential asset, and he admits that he’s not afraid of making difficult decisions.

Gravik: Secret Invasion character explained 1
He successfully carries out a coup over the council

After his attack, the high council of Skrulls gathers to decide on what punishment he must be given because they do not agree with his actions. He turns the situation on its head and, with the support of some of the members of the council, is elected the General.

Gravik believes that the only way forward is war and he’s the one to lead them during these turbulent times. He even displays a ruthless streak when he gives the order for one of the warriors to be eliminated after they reveal key information under pressure.

There do seem to be some holes in leadership, as depicted when Pagon tells Dr. Rosa Dalton that Gravik’s information hasn’t panned out the way it should have.

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