Who is Grace? Gossip Girl character explained

In the latest episode of ‘Gossip Girl’, Julien finds out that Grace is not what she seems to be and takes it upon herself to expose her lies. 

Obie was in a relationship with Julien, the most popular girl at Constance, at the beginning of the first season of ‘Gossip Girl’. After breaking up with her, he dates her sister, Zoya.

He causes problems between the two sisters and constantly becomes a part of the drama at school. However, in the last episode of the first season, he moves on from them.

Obie starts dating Grace Byron, the daughter of a state senator. Initially, Grace seems to be very different from Julien and Zoya, but that changes entirely in the recent episodes.

A goody two shoes

Luna and Monet convince a jealous Julien to invite Grace to their annual New Year’s party. They plan to cause a rift between the couple and break them up.

When Julien’s friends meet Grace, she seems to be perfect in every aspect. She is extremely nice to all of them and extends her kindness even to the staff present there.

She is a great cook, she empathizes with people, and as Obie tells his friends, she has a wall of trophies in sports, ranging from judo to jumping. 

When Obie was at his worst, she helped him and took him to travel with her to several places, where they participated in activities that makes them sound like a fairytale couple.

Even when they play games together, Grace shines, and when Julien compares herself to Grace, she seems so perfect that Julien cannot find a single flaw in her.

However, Luna finds an old video of Grace in which she was making a fool of herself as she was drunk. They decide to get her drunk again in order to humiliate her. 

Monet and Luna force her to keep drinking even when she refuses. Monet assures her that she can do whatever she wants here, as this place is safe and the friends take care of each other.

Grace gets drunk and humiliates herself in public. This seems to be the end of Grace and Obie’s relationship.

Grace Gossip Girl
A drunk Grace humiliates herself

However, Julien realizes that Obie does not want to be with her and that Grace had already told Obie everything about her past, including the incident in the video. She had been honest with Obie all along.

Julien then tries to get Obie and Grace to be a couple again and urges Obie to mend his relationship with Grace. Julien succeeds, and Obie eventually ends up with Grace.

Grace’s true colors

In the second season, Grace keeps pushing a reluctant Obie to go back to school. Their relationship is not as simple as Obie had expected, with Grace’s mother asking him to cut ties with Julien and Grace constantly leaving to help with her mother’s campaign.

When Obie thinks Grace is with her mother, her mother thinks she is with Obie. Grace spends that time with her ex-boyfriend, Matias. 

Her mother did not approve of her relationship with Matias and forced her to break up with him. Grace only started dating Obie to make her mother think that she has moved on from him.

Julien catches Grace cheating on Obie, and she tries to talk her into coming clean to him. However, Grace tells her that if Julien tries to expose her, Obie would never believe her. In fact, it would cost her their friendship.

As a last resort, Julien invites Matias to the Valentine’s Day party, where Grace is present with Obie, but Grace denies knowing Matias. 

Grace Gossip Girl
Grace and Matias at Valentine’s Day party

Julien even tries to make her jealous by dancing with Matias, but nothing works until Grace’s mother and brother arrive at the party. 

Her mother confirms that Matias is indeed her ex-boyfriend. It is also revealed that Grace is not just sleeping with Obie and Matias but also with her brother. 

An embarrassed Grace storms off, possibly ending her relationship with Obie now that she does not need him.

It is to be seen what will happen to Grace in the upcoming episodes. There is no certainty that her character would even appear again. However, if it does, the audience will get to see her true self, which is very different from her nice girl persona.

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