Goyo (2024) summary and ending explained

Goyo (2024) is about a young man on the autism spectrum who discovers new emotions after falling in love with a woman. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Goyo has Asperger’s syndrome and lives with his sister Saula. He works at an art museum and has vast knowledge about the various paintings on display.

One day, Goyo sees a woman struggling with her umbrella in the rain and is in awe of her beauty. He sees her later at the museum but doesn’t know how to approach her.

He mentions her to Saula and his brother Matute and his siblings have different opinions on the situation.

While Saula is always cautious and overprotective of Goyo, Matute likes to let Goyo experience and learn things on his own.

Goyo starts painting the woman from memory and works up the courage to talk to her. He follows her into the subway but scares her after getting a panic attack.

Matute advises him on how to approach her and apologize so that he can start fresh. He learns that her name is Eva Monteiro and introduces himself the next day.

Eva lives with her two sons, Tato and Cuti. Her husband Miguel was recently detained in jail and she doesn’t want him in their lives anymore.

She feels bad for Goyo after he apologizes and has a conversation with him over lemonade while she waits for her train.

Saula wants to temper Goyo’s expectations as she believes that Eva is manipulating him, but Matute encourages him to take things forward.

Goyo meets Tato at the museum one day and gets along well with him. He invites Eva to his place for dinner when Saula isn’t there and Matute prepares the meal for them.

She learns that his mother Magdalena was his father’s second wife and that she was an alcoholic.

His father died in a car accident when she was driving drunk and she got the blame for it. Goyo is completely honest with Eva and she finds that refreshing.

She wanders around his house and sees the painting of hers that he has been working on. He tells her that when he finishes it, he will gift it to her.

Eva is so happy spending time with Goyo and spends the night with him. He books her a cab and asks her to message him once she reaches.

He gets a little worried when he doesn’t get a response even though Matute tells him not to overthink things.

They get into an argument and Goyo storms off. Eva returns home and finds Miguel with Tato. He lets himself in and tells her that he has a job now so he can move back in.

She says that she doesn’t want him in their life anymore and things get loud until Miguel shoves Eva and she gets hurt.

He leaves after insisting that he didn’t mean to hurt her and she comforts Tato. She then sees that her phone is broken. That is why she couldn’t respond to Goyo.

Ending explained:

Going the extra mile

Goyo finds out where Eva lives and checks on her. He sees the bruise on her face but she says she just fell on the street.

They have a fun day at the park and Goyo returns home to find Saula and Matute worried about him.

He tells them that he’s certain Miguel hit Eva and they tell him that he needs to be careful because it is a complicated situation.

Goyo finds out where Miguel works and confronts him, but Miguel punches him in the face. Eva tells Goyo that he has no business going to Miguel and they argue.

She says that she made a mistake by sleeping with him because she didn’t consider everything about him.

Goyo is unsure of his emotions and walks out onto the street and faints.

What’s best for him

He is taken to the hospital and Saula and Matute sit by his side. Saula meets Eva and tells her that she is the reason Goyo is in this position.

She tells Eva to stay away from her brother because she isn’t good for him. Matute finds out about this and scolds Saula for doing that.

Magdalena shows up to help Goyo as he recovers from the heartbreak, but Saula worries that Magdalena might encourage him to go out again.

She says that she has never felt a part of the family because she couldn’t care for Goyo and because they all blamed her for their father’s death.

She says that he was even more drunk than her so she had to drive them. She expresses regret for not being the mother that Goyo needed and wishes it would get better.

Path to recovery

Goyo finally finishes the painting of Eva and Magdalena gets a chance to appreciate it. She gives Goyo some good advice about moving on and they share a warm moment.

They all attend Saula’s concert where Goyo is at peace listening to his sister play. He goes to the pool where he practices and screams underwater because of an overload of emotions.

Goyo improves soon after and when Magdalena leaves, she is much closer to her son than ever before.

He wraps up the painting and heads out to see Eva. Saula sees him leave but she doesn’t stop him because she finally accepts that this is what he needs.

It starts raining and Goyo runs into Eva in a situation much like the first time he saw her.

He tells her that she needs to believe in herself more because she has people around her who love her, including him.

They embrace in a sign that they will continue to explore what makes them both happy.

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