The Gold Gang in iNumber Number: Jozi Gold explained

In iNumber Number: Jozi Gold, Chili and Shoes join Van Zyl’s team to catch the Gold Gang, a gang famous for helping the needy. 

When Chili and Shoes are forced to join Van Zyl’s team, they find out Van Zyl has been trying to catch a gang that steals gold and is called the Gold Gang. However, despite having suspects, there have been no arrests, as the suspects always have alibis.

The gang conducts heists and disappears with the gold that they steal. Shoes and Chili know about this gang, as it is known for giving to the people. The two officers also know how the gang always has alibis.

The Gold Gang goes to a club that Chili and Shoes refer to as the Alibi Club. It is the place where all the gangsters go to make alibis for each other. The club opens only on Mondays, and those are the days when the Gold Gang steals.

As Chili is popular at the said club, it is decided that he will infiltrate the gang and join them for a heist, which will give Van Zyl’s team the opportunity to catch them red-handed and arrest them.

A new addition

Chili goes to the club and gets the gang’s attention by fighting a man and wasting expensive alcohol. Chili’s face gets the gang interested in him, as he resembles someone they want to take down. When Chili tells them that he grew up in an abandoned home, he wins their trust.

iNumber Number Jozi Gold The Gold Gang
Chili gets the gang’s attention at the club

The gang consists of three siblings — Seeng, Dimo, and Dikeledi. They tell Chili that they are not gangsters; they have a purpose. On the other hand, Chili lies to them; he tells them that he used to be a police officer but left the force because of the corruption and the procedures. 

He convinces the siblings that he can be useful, as he knows how the police work. They then let him join them for a heist. As planned, Chili steals gold with the gang, but Shoes and Van Zyl’s team fails to catch them.

Activits, not thieves

Once Chili proves his worth, the gang takes him to the warehouse where they live with their mother and reveals how they turn the stolen gold into Krugerrands, which are untraceable gold coins. 

iNumber Number Jozi Gold The Gold Gang
The Gold Gang shows Chili how the Krugerrands are minted

They were able to acquire the 1970 SA mint, and with that, they can mint the Krugerrands, which is legal tender. The Gold Gang distributes these coins among the needy to help them.

The siblings are from Lesotho. When the country’s dictator took control of the country’s only gold mine and did not share the wealth with the people, the siblings’ father started a resistance against the dictator and was killed.

The siblings came to South Africa after that, but they plan to avenge their father and return the country’s wealth to the masses. Chili resembles the dictator’s son, and the gang wants to use him for their biggest heist yet.

When Chili realizes that the Gold Gang has been making a difference, something that he could never do as a part of the force, he decides to help them achieve their goal.

With Chili’s help, the Gold Gang manages to steal the dictator’s gold from under the police’s nose. Everything goes according to the plan until they are betrayed by the Hyena Man, who kills their mother.

Chili does not give up even after that. He gets the gold back from the Hyena Man, and the Gold Gang is finally able to take that gold back to Lesotho, where it belongs.

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